Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th January 2014 Written Update

Shikha enters Sameer’s house by kicking rice bowl as a bride with Sameer. Sameer’s mom welcomes them with aarti and says she is welcome in this new house. Sameer’s papa says he is angry with Sameer that he is taking Shikha tomorrow to mumbai. Shikha asks him to come to mumbai with them. He gets tensed and asks Shikha to go and settle down first. Shikha agrees and says they should come once they are settled in mumbai. Sameer’s mom says she can’t come. Sameer insists his mom to come once they get settled in mumbai. Sameer’s parents promise to come. Sameer asks Shikha to go into the room and pack for tomorrow’s journey. They go inside. Sameer’s parents are seen tensed.

Avinash is seen sad in Shikha’s room remembering his daughter. He takes her pic and cries. Sudha comes and asks him to go and sleep. He says her to go and he will come late. Sudha cheers him and he smiles. Sudha asks Avinash to call Sameer’s papa and check about the paghphere rituals. He asks him to call them tomorrow morning.

Sameer and Shikha enter into their room. Shikha sees mandolin and gets happy that its strings are repaired now. She takes the mandolin in hands and breaks them again. Sameer shows her a pack of strings and asks her to break as much strings as she can and he will fix them. Sameer holds Shikha, but she says she will pack the clothes first. Sameer comes again and holds her. He asks her to change the bridal wear, he will check what goods to pack. He asks her sorry. She asks for what. He says today’s night should have been special, but because of him she has to spend the night packing clothes. She says it is ok and goes to change her clothes. Sameer looks at his cupboard smiling sheepishly. Sameer’s papa comes and asks his wife if money has been transferred to her account. She asks about their tickets. He says travel agent has confirmed the tickets. He gets Avinash’s call who asks him to come for paghphere ritual. He says tomorrow Sikha and Sameer are going, so it is difficult for them to come. Avinash insists, he agrees then.

Sameer’s mom asks him not to worry. The can be freed as soon as the rituals get over. Shaitan is sitting sad and Mahi/Vineet try to console him. He does not eat anything. Mahi says lets call Shikha and ask her to speak to Shaitan. Sudha comes and informs Shiha is coming tomorrow. Shaitan listens to her and starts eating. Mahi says She will prepare special food for Shikha.

Sameer is relaxing of sofa. Shikha comes after bath. She praises Sameer for neatly arranging the clothes. She goes and starts wearing jewellery. Sameer sees her in the mirror and says she is looking very beautiful. He comes near her and says he has a surpise for her and asks to close the eyes. He gifts her a pearl necklace, but strangles her with the necklace. Necklace breaks and Shikha gets unconsious. It is shown as just Sameer’s imagination.

Shikha gets happy seeing the necklace. She thanks him. They start romancing, but she interrupts and asks to start packing.
He sits on the sofa and sees her packing. He remembers the fake account, ink smear, and other incidents.

Stalker is seen traveling in a bus. Even he rembers the previous incidents. He gets a call and picks it. It is Sameer on the other side. He thanks the stalker for helping him. Sameer informs stalker that he didn’t about the truck coming and strucking him and asks sorry for that. Stalker gets angry on Sameer and says he knows Sameer wanted to kill him. He removes the sim from phone and throws it. Sameer is seen sitting on the couch and smiling sheepishly.

Precap: Shikha asks the maid if the tea is for Sameer’s parents. Maid says yes. She says she will serve them tea and asks about their room. Maid shows 2 differents room and says this is mummy’s and this is papa’s room. Shikha gets tensed hearing this and asks if the parents leave in different rooms. Maid says yes. Sameer’s papa overhears this.

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