Madhubala 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

KRK tells all ..u all are crying! Sikky says.. all ur words touched my heart! KRK says guess my next movie will be hit ..this is the monologue of my film ..its Maa ke liye Marmitunga..! Dips says..this is real RK! KRK tells Pabho to quit the protest…all apologized! Pabho is quiet! KRK says.. fine ..will sit here. .u wont eat. .i wont eat either..! Btw i havent eaten..since morning.. will do anything for u.. i wont eat! Pabho says.. no. .u wont stay hungry. .getting up..just for u..come! Pabho tells KRK to freshen up and then join for breakfast! KRK agrees..! Dips tells Sikky to go inside n cry! Madhu asks Paddo to go relax..! Madhu comes to Bittu n asks the matter? Bittu says. .a bit confused.. RK said he went to Bhind jail without telling anyone.. he is talking of a movie … n i dunno about it! Bittu says.. all scripts come to me first.. n i havent heard of any such movie.. he is behaving weirdly … dun get it..! Bittu leaves! Madhu is confused..!

KRK feels guilty ..for stealing the jewelery of Madhu .. n is about to put it in the cupboard when Madhu comes..! She asks RK about it! KRK says.. so u found out about it? Madhu says.. yes..! She asks what are u doing with it? KRK says.. told u to keep it in the bank ..! Madhu asks when? KRK says..when ?? KRK says.. told u several times.. did this to each u a lesson that anyone can steal ur stuff.. now keep it with u…either here or the bank locker..! KRK leaves from there and Madhu is even more confused!

KRK self thot.. that staying at RKs place will make me a better actor..! KRK is on phone with Bhujang n says.. reached RK mansion! Bhujang says.. so? KRK says.. please lemme meet my mom! Bhujang says. .will surely .. but for now.. stay back at RK mansion and let my trust rebuild! KRK says.. will do all u want.. n wont ask questions. .but for once. .. lemme meet my mom! Bhujang says. .fine.. call after an hour n will tell u where to meet ur mom! KRK says .. one hour? Madhu comes and asks what one hour? KRK says.. one hour ..will lunch be ready? Havent eaten anything since morning. .not even milk ..! Madhu asks u r RK?? KRK is taken aback..! KRK says…no.. m liar.. my tattoo is liar.. n real RK is in jail.. n am duplicate.! Madhu says sorry! KRK says.. how many times do i have to prove that i m RK? Do i need to carry an ID Card? KRK says.. real or duplicate.. am hungry.. serve food! Madhu says rightaway..! Madhu is walking away and is still in confusion! KRK begs GOD for protection …for himself and his mom..!

KRK is on phone and Madhu brings food for him! Madhu asks u ok? KRK says.. yes…reading script..! Madhu says.. u said u were hungry.. we waited at dinner table for u … ! Anyways have dinner.. and m gonna sleep in moms room! KRK says fine..! KRK calls Bhujang! Madhu is still confused! KRK sneaks out of the room …! Madhu comes and takes car keys and decides to tail KRK but loses the way…!

KRK reaches the spot as told by Bhujang! KRKs mom fumes on Bhujang for bringing her forcibly ..! KRK comes and falls at his moms feet..! Hugs her..! KRKs mom says.. ur so thin . .u eat or not? KRK says… the cow in this city dun give good milk …! KRKs mom says. .ur servants din tell me all this.. next time will bring cow for u..! KRK says. .miss u..! She slaps him..! KRK says.. miss u lots..! KRKs mom says. .n so u forced me over here like this? KRK says. .yes…i only sent them..! KRKs mom says..what kinda servants are these. .they forced me here in a jiffy…culdn make achar..! KRK says. .make amchur of it..! KRK says lemme handle these servants..! KRK comes n slaps Bhujang..! He fumes on KRK ..n points a gun! KRK says.. what are u doing? KRKs mom says.. looks like he is ur master! KRK says.. lower ur eyes.. keep my repute please! Bhujang relents..! KRK says.. apologize to mom for ur behaviour..! KRK says.. apologize or i will leave with my mom! Bhujang relents..! KRK smirks…! He asks the other goons to apologize too n they do! KRKs mom says.. let it be.. ! KRK says.. my mom is so large hearted..! KRK asks them to leave..! Bhujang fumes but leaves..!

A while later Madhu arrives at the same spot..!

Part 2

KRK tells him mom .. miss u lots! KRKs mom says ..wanna leave all n come to stay with u..! KRK says.. all this is for u only …! KRKs mom says .. be careful ..every step is muddy here..keep care.. anyone can earn money . but true intent is needed..!! Madhu walks inside the house! KRK says.. every word of my mom is like Hanuman Chalisa.. will remember it all ..! KRKs mom says. .i know.. but never forget respecting women ..n elders. .also remember money can buy all but not principles! KRK says.. will remember all n will come home soon n we will manage home. .and farms..! He tells his mom to leave n says. .my servants will drop u home! They start to walk out and Madhu walks inside..!

Part 3

KRK says.. will miss u! KRKs mom says.. take care n come to me soon! Bhujang comes n escorts her out..! KRK is wiping his tears when Madhu comes…! She overhears KRKs mom saying.. drop me off fast..! She goes to check.. and KRK blocks her..! She asks what is going on? KRK says.. come out..! KRK forces Madhu out..n she says. .who was that person? Dun say sorry.. n deflect.. answer …! KRK was my mom …! Madhu is confused..! KRK says din wanna tell u. .but no option left..! Madhu asks mom?? She asks how come? KRK says. .my mom! Madhu asks then who is the one at home? Madhu says. .if this was ur mom ..then ur not RK ..! KRK says listen to me! Madhu asks where is my RK??? KRK says i m ur RK … n that lady is my mom …and the person u saw was KRKs mom! Madhu asks what were u doing with her? KRK says.. listen to me .. all this confusion was coz of me.. should have told u..! Madhu asks what did u hide?? RK is quiet..!


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Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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