Ek Boond Ishq 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Radha being held captive by Kala mumbling MJ’s name in sleep while Kala taunts her. She mocks her asking her if she wants apple and says apple a day keeps doctor away And says seems like yesterday she was running around like a kid and they show a flashback of a little girl running around in Shekhavat Villa. Kala adds that now she is big and who knows from where and all she tried to get information about her and she is the root cause of all problems. And because of her she has to do all bad deeds and hurt many people and tells her about her father who is having to deal with so much pain coz of her.

In MJ’s room, Tara is helping MJ to lie down and MJ tells her that she broker Aradhana’s heart today as well and says she shouldn’t have done that and

Tara says she misunderstood MJ and she should also not have done that. MJ asks her why she is spoiling her life coz of him and asks her to go away. He tells her his fate is bad and whatever he touches turns to ashes . Tara looks bored and asks him to drink water. When he coughs she pats his back and tells him she doesn’t care about his thoughts and she knows how to turn ash into gold and wherever he feels weak, she will fill in for him and thats y she is perfect for him. MJ says its not a joke and he wants her to live her life but not this way. Tara says she is doing just tat n she is living with him now and she will live with in future too

The next day morning everyone are gathered for breakfast in dining hall. Jayraj tells Rudra that he thought because of all the chaos that happened in the rally their party would get a bad name but now its the opposite as they have gained people’s sympathy. Rudra asks casually if they got to know about the girl who got shot and Jayraj says no. MJ walks in with newspaper and Rudra says he knows the paper has only his news and Nimmo asks whats there and MJ says he will read it out. In the paper they have mentioned about Radha and wondering who it is and public wants to know what the police are doing in the regard and its not just police but also Rudra’s job too. Jayraj says its necessary to find the girl who saved his life and MJ says his life only has few days in it and he says she took the bullet to save him and he needs to find her. Mj says he wants to know why she saved a life that is worthless and Tara whispers in his ears that she needs to thank that girl for saving the life that is most precious to her in the whole world. Rudra wonders who is trying to dig up matters that have been closed.

Yug is thanking the guy for getting the news published and says that a question few people had now thousands of them will ponder over it. And now everyone will want to know why the girl disappeared and thanks the person before cutting the call. Nandu comes there and asks her why is so keen about that girl and he reminds her that he has not signed a contract to tell her everything and she walks away huffing. Aradhana comes there and gives him tea and she looks sad and he asks her what is the matter and she says nothing. But Yug doesn’t believe her and asks her to tell him. She says Tara came but she left me again. She says no one can understand how it feels when you are always thinking about a person all the time and though you see them you cant be with them. Yug says he understands her and tells her not to lose faith and he vows to find Radha.

MJ is talking to the police about Radha and says they might have taken her to a small nursing home instead of a big hospital. The inspector says they are investigating on it. MJ also says he needs to talk about a enunuch and Tara walks into the room then.

Faheem comes to talk to Rudra and he is very angry (Looks like he found about Kala) and says how much ever he tries to hide the truth it will come out one day.

Tara tells MJ she knows he is worried for her and just coz she was attacked once he is so worried. Then how should she feel when he was shot in the rally

Faheem tells him he knows Kala was behind that attack and he had seen the killer outside the sadhu’s house where he went to give a bag. Faheem says Kala is harming Rudra. And when that happens neither Kala nor Rudra will have any sense of being and everything will be destroyed and asks him to stop himself and not let the monster within come out as if it does then nobody will be happy. Kala says she knows she has done bad things and she is sobbing. She says when MJ goes back to jail he will be kept in VIP cell as he got shot coz of him.

MJ says what was the big deal in him getting shot. If not today then but Tara keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him to stop and says he has a long life but MJ walks away from there . Tara vows that she will expose the person who is behind his state.

Kala continues her drama and admits she was responsible for all bad things and says Rudra punishes himself for what Kala does and she shows him her arms where she has slashed it with a knife. She picks up a knife and tries to kill herself but Faheem stops her. She tells him she is scared of herself and Faheem helps her sit down and looks like he believed her too that she is sorry for whatever she has done. Here Kala smirks evilly

Yug is back at his father’s place and his dad yells at him asking him y he came there and he is a curse on them. Yug says he just came to ask abt Radha and Raghu kaka tells him you loved her a lot but you were a bad shadow on her. Thats y that incident happened with her and now y has he come. Yug says he has come looking for her and his dad says doesn’t he know she died and Raghu kaka is shocked. Yug says he saw her in the rally and he knows she is alive n with him. And asks him y she tried to save the life of MJ who raped her? He pleads him to tell where she is.

Mithi is scared of the game she is playing and tat Adi is not concerned for her at all. Tara says she should have patience and plan is working and asks her will she do as she says and Mithi says no at first but then says yes. Just then Mithi gets Adi’s call. Adi says he is bringing some of his friends home and asks her to cook for them. At first Mithi says no and Adi asks her what? She says she will do it. Tara is shocked and Mithi tells her she cant do it anymore and she wants to see her husband happy and she wants to be an obedient wife. Tara wonders how could Mithi give up so easily

Jayraj says he wont give up and tells his lawyer there has to be a way. The lawyer says its possible only when MJ helps them. Jayraj says he is still alive and he will somehow find evidence. He tells him to put all his efforts and he will also try. Tara comes there and tells him nothing will happen to MJ and they both know he is innocent and they will prove it.

Yug is ranting that its been proved that MJ is guilty and in few days he will be hanged. His dad is furious and asks him if he knows anything about MJ.

Jayraj says they know nothing as MJ doesn’t want to tell anything and he is taking the blame for somebody’s deeds and says he lost his hopes but Tara tells him not to do so and something will come out.

Raghu kaka tells him that he never let the truth abt Radha’s existance come out and he didn tell him anything as he doesn’t trust him and that he lost that trust 15 years aho when he threw Yug out of the house. He asks him y he came there. Yug says he needs his answer and y did Radha take the bullet for MJ? Yug accuses him of going so far in his loyalty that he forgot abt his daugter’s pain. When Radha is found maybe the police will free MJ but he will kill MJ for sure.

Tara tells Jayraj that nothing will happen to MJ and hands him the train tickets from Bhopal to Delhi and Jayraj realises that MJ wasn’t even here when that incident happened. She says she doesn know y MJ is hiding this.

Yug tells his dad he doesn know y he has so much sympathy for MJ. He isn a human but a monster who spoilt his sister’s life. His dad tells him his thoughts were wrong back then n its wrong even now.

Tara tells Jayraj abt Raghu kaka and how she saw him with MJ on Radha’s barsi. She also says he told her MJ is the Ram in kalyug. If MJ had really done something bad with Radha then why would he think so highly abt MJ? Jayraj is happy and thanks Tara and tells her he gave her a treasure that is most precious to him and assures her they will prove MJ innocent.

Precap – MJ is talking to someone over the phone in the barn saying that he has doubts on Rudra for being behind those attacks in the rally and asks him to investigate. Tara listens to this n is shocked.

Update Credit to: mandy

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