Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th April 2014 Written Update

Samaira meets Mohanto’s family and says them good bye as she is leaving their house. She thinks she is going out of Aditya’s house, but not his life.

Madhu comes and asks Aditya if he is thinking about Samaira. Aditya says after the book publication he is sure that Samaira is Shikha. He says they should attack on her weakness. He says he will hurt Avinash’s family.

Neeraj asks Shikha why did she come back. With her being away from him and Aditya getting to know about the book will not come near her. Samaira/Shikha asks him not to worry as he knows how to control and attract Aditya.

Samaira reads Avinash’s book and goes into flashback where she spent time with her parents. She starts crying and checks her father’s phone number, she thinks hope she could have inform him about herself that she is Shikha.

Aditya calls goons and asks them to kidnap Avinash’s family. Goons enter Avinash’s house and start dragging Mahi. Avinash comes and asks who are they. Goons ask him and Sudha to come with them, else they will kidnap Mahi and kill her. Another goon asks Mahi not to inform police, else they will kill Avinash and Sudha. They take Avinash/Sudha with them. Mahi calls Neeraj and informs him about goons kidnapping Avinash/Sudha and warned not to inform police. Neeraj asks her not to worry as he will not let uncle/aunty happen anyything.

Samaira gets Aditya’s phone who calls her Shikha. Samaira scolds him and asks him to cut the call. Aditya says he has kidnapped Shikha’s parents Avinash and Sudha. He says he knows she is Shikha and asks her to save her parents from his godown. Shikha gets tensed that her parents are kidnapped. Neeraj sees her getting into car and asks where is she going. Shikha informs Aditya kidnapped her parents and kept them in godown. Neeraj says he will go and save them. She says they are her parents and asks Neeraj to take her. They both get into car.

Avinash asks goons why have they kidnapped them. Goon calls Aditya and says Avinash are Sudha here. Neeraj and Shikha reach the godown with police. Neeraj asks Shikha to wait outside as Aditya will for sure know that she is Shikha. He takes police into the godown inside. Shikha thinks she cannot wait outside and goes into the godown. Police and goon start fighting. Shikha comes and tries to free her parents, but goon pulls a gun on Shikha. Aditya and Madhu reach godown. Neeraj saves Shikha and beats with goons. Shikha frees Avinash and Sudha. They thank Shikha/Samaira. Aditya comes into the godown and calls goon’s name. Shikha gets tensed hearing Aditya’s voice. He comes in but does not find anybody inside. Police have arrested goons and take them from there. Neeraj asks Samaira to leave with her parents from here before Aditya/Madhu see them. They get into the car and leave.

Madhu asks Aditya if we came to the right place. Aditya says place is right, but someone took them out. He says Samaira freed her parents and took them from here. MAdhu says if Samaira has done this, then she is Shikha.

Precap: Sudha says Samaira that she is hiding something. Samaira says she is not hiding anything. Sudha says she knows that she is her daugther Shikha.

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