Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Bua ji says I think this pain is gonna kill me. Anurag smiles. She says what kind of breakfst is this. ANurag like desi breakfast. Jahnvi says I will make paratha for you. Bhagti comes and says they are ready. Bhagti serves it. Bua ji says this is so tasty. Bhagti serves everyone. Jhanvi doesn’t like it.

Scene 2
Mausi ji wonders will verma allow her or not. She rings the doorbell. Simar says khushi shouldn’t know what is amusi ji here for ? Mausi ji says call verma aunty. Verma anuty comes and mausi ji asks for mobile bill to compare. She says I don’t a mobile. MAusi ji says yeah you are a phone yourself. Khsuhi says lets go in and they close the door.
Mausi ji and simae, roli are outside wondering how to go in. Verma aunty comes there and asks what were they doing ? Roli says mausi ji wanna talk about something. SImar and roli leave. Verma aunty leaves.

Scene 3
Some men are beating another man. He asks what have I done. The same old lady comes there and kicks him. She says how dare you to hit my son’s car. He got a bruise. He asks for a stick.
Her worker says stop it is election time. SHe says nothing is more than my son. She asks where is the car with which you hit my son ? She starts hitting the car and puts it on ablaze. The man is shouting. SHe syas this is your turn now. He says I don’t wanna die. She take him near the are. He begs to leave him. She says go and I shouldn’t see your face in this area.

Scene 4
Verma says I want you all to meet the new member of kitty. Khushi wonders who is that. Mausi ji come in and takes off the shades. Everyone is dazed. Khushi says mata ji asked yo nit to come. Mausi ji says mrs Verma invited me specially. Khushi says I have no problem with you. We made a rule that no one can be part of this kitty.Mausi ji says its not a rule of state. She says I will entertain everyone. sHe tells jokes and everyone laughs. She says I am not even bharadwaj. Kinjel says we can include her after mrs. Chadda. Khushi thinks I know mata ji doesn’t know about it.
The kitty starts and everyone starts playing games. Verma says next kitty will be at your place. Mausi ji says how can it be. Khsuhi says wow she is stuck. Mausi ji says there are a lot of people there. Khushi syas whats the problem when mata ji said yes. Simar says do something but make it mrs. Verma’s place. Mausi ji pretends like she is not well. she sauys I just came for the kitty. Lets plan it here. Mausi ji says neighbors help each other. Verma says okay.

Precap- The old lady calls Khsuhi and Khushi says I am on the next target. She says I want three or more. Roli overhears them talking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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