Jodha Akbar 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 15th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal is heart broken and says to one soldier that i need ony 4 soldiers, ask all to leave. i will continue my journey.
jodha is running behind that girl which took her kahna idol, lady ask girl to return it but girl denies, jodha is tired, girl says s you are tired this means i won, now this idol is mine, jodha says take my gold bangles but give me my idol, girl says what i will do with gold bangles, jodha gets sad. Girl places idol on ground and starts praying like muslim , jodha ask whats your name, she says i will not tell that my name is shehnaz, she says i knw you are a queen, jodha is stunned and says no, girl says no you are a queen look at your eyes they are beautiful, i can read faces, jodha says what else can you read on my face, she says someone broke your heart,

you are hurt very much. she takes one stone and says your broken heart was on ground, take it with you maybe it can become someones heart, she says people call me crazy ma because i talk like this, they crave for money, successs but i talk about love, everything is left behind like money, beauty but why dont they see nature and they call me mad, she says you still have heartbeat like you are craving for someone, you heartbeat is attached with someone whom you are calling by heart, your pieces of heart is joint with someone, jodha says you understand alot, is your love lost too? shehnaz says yes my love is lost, center’s lady comes and ask shehnaz to go in, she goes. jodha ask lady who is she, lady says dont know, she is staying here from months, sometimes she calls Allah, sometimes do bhajans, maybe someone hurt her alot,

Scene 2
abul mali, is with sharif, they taunt each other, mali is angry on not being informed that jalal went to amer, sharif says i attacked jalal but suja saved him and told him too that someone is is with you from palace, sharif ask him to be patient everything will be fine, mali says we have to finish him as soon as possible, he ask where is jalal now, sharif says dont know much about his activity.

Scene 3
jodha is sitting with ladies in center, they praises kahna idol, one lady says your sindoor says you are married then where is your husband? jodha says he went out for yatra so i came here, lady says then why you are having idol with you? other lady says maybe she fought with her husband and came here, all are invited for dinner. jodha is about to sit but sees shehnaz and ask her to come and have dinner, lady says she eats when her mood allows, jodha says maybe nobody asked her lovingly, she sits with shehnaz and ask what is she doing, she says i am waiting for someone whom all know, you also know him? jodha ask her to come for dinner, she says i am not in mood but i know you havnt eat anything from yesterday, your eyes says it all, jodha says yes i am hungry but i will not eat till you come, shehnaz says you are stubborn, lets go. they come for dinner, jodha gives her food and makes her eat.

Scene 4
jalal comes to some place, he gives his turban, jewels and coat to soldier and says i will go inside alone, soldier says its risky, jalal says i am not going on war but to khawaja gharib nawaz’ dargah, he comes inside and says once i came to you when jodha was dying, God you brought her back that time and today also she is away from me, please give me her back, i did a mistake but please dont punish me like this, he sits and prays emotionally, he is unable to control his sentiments as Khawaja ji plays. otherside jodha is praying in mandir, jalal gets and starts sufi dancing. he looks up and prays.

PRECAP- jalal in common clothes is finding jodha in market and thinks that i hope i will find you near your kahna, jodha is standing on stall, jalal passes by that stall without seeing jodha, jodha turns and start walking behind jalal but both couldnt see each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pawan Srivastava

    You r doing a fabulous work hats off to u. U r providing these matter to those who r unable to watch this serial by anyways bt wish to know what happened today!!!

  2. plz fast and jodha and jalal look at each other see each other plzzzzzz

  3. Samaira i can’t exactly tell about the promo.

  4. Flashbck:Jodha:jamuna nadi me dubki lagane ka bada mahatv hota hai sari ichha puri ho jati hai.
    Jalal:hume humari jodha begum lauta dijiye(dubki lagate hue)
    Jodha goes inside jamuna,while jalal coming out of it.
    B.g:mohabbat k kasish kheench k layi jodha aur jalal ko eksaath,16th april budhwar ko hoga deedar-e-yaar
    new promo

  5. New promo
    jalal remebering jodha saying
    importance of some place, jalal is taking
    doobki in ganga n saying humarii ek hi
    dua hai ki hume hamari jodha begum
    se mila de. Jalal goes inside ganga
    while jodha is coming out of it. Episode
    will be telecasted on wed

  6. hey anaelle24….i just have one question for u…y do u hate aisha??? i read ur comments on aisha’s bday…everybody wished her but u just like screwed up her bday by ur comment!

    1. Hey karan am not at all like tht
      But the way her sister told it to us wasnt gud..i felt as if she was warnin us n not tellin it..anyways am sry fr any misunderstndin n wish her a long n happy life..^^

  7. Nice episode. I just hope that Jalal and Jodha see each other soon.

  8. I m vry cnfusd but i read at another forum that shehnaaj is a -ve role and that man who has broken her heart is akbar himself because she had told jodha that the man whom she loves is also very famous and i think she can be benezir sister and wanted revenge from him so waiting very eagerly for next epi

  9. @sanaya..just saw the same thing too..shes +ve now..but these cvs wn’t do things tht easy fr us.
    As fr me i guess shenaz will help to get them closer but wuld trick it was said tht shenaz will create turmoil b/w akdha n ja will hv to deal with it..this track will take a month like benazir!!! At least thy wuld be together n this show seriously needs romance..there must be some close scene
    So tht when it cums to consumation track…its nt ja’s dream or like tht recncilation scene which had no feelings etc…well nw hv to wair n watch..n fingers crossed to hv some interstin scenes …

    1. Ya i also tht it can’t be someone’s dream m lil bore yaar but in the new promo there is a word kashish i didn’ understand what does that word mean can anyone tell me what does that mean please!!

  10. Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar (Balaji Telefilms) will see a new track opening up tonight with Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) encountering a mysterious girl Shehnaaz, who would live in the ashram in Mathura.

    As we know, Jodha has moved out of her palace and has taken shelter in an ashram in Mathura. At this place will begin the track of actress Shilpa Raizada, who will essay the role of Shehnaaz.

    A source states, “Shehnaaz though a Muslim will be a strong devotee of Lord Krishna. She will in fact run away with the Kanha idol placed at the ashram, which Jodha will be worshipping. Jodha will run after Shehnaaz and catch hold of her. She will plead the girl to give her back the idol, but Shehnaaz will refuse to give.”

    Shehnaaz’s behaviour will intrigue Jodha all the more as she will wonder how a Muslim girl stays in an ashram worshipping Kanha.

    However, as the track will proceed, both Jodha and Shehnaaz will develop a strong emotional bonding

  11. Guyzzz NEW SPOILER…

    Jodha will be safe in todarmal’s ashram…todarmal will meet jodha n will recognise her…mwhereas jalal will meet that girl who took kishan ji’s idol away from jodha…that girl will get jalal to mathura where that promo sequence will take place..!!

  12. @sharon all these things r gona happen toD??

    1. Hey sharon just saw smethin on s.n…someone said tht shenaz might be tht person who ma met secretly
      Wat u think guys??

  13. ya i also think the same…

  14. I dnt think dis will happn lets hope for the bst

  15. Hi everyone i want 2 enter this page. Bcoz sslk page fans abused me and threw me out.

  16. this is very common track that two people who are finding each other are at same place but don’t see each other

    absolute desi drama

  17. but the new promo is quite nice

  18. Can anyone say dat is dis serial good or bad

  19. i think shehnaaz will play a positive role

  20. @kt without doubt good

  21. Plz any one answer me

  22. That will jalal meet jodha tnday

  23. Ya agree with [email protected] n sharon..n these r tht kind of track tht annoy me the most…whenvr it happens am like : oh god cnt u see ur loved one..n the song which plays along with it makes u feel as if the persns desperate but fr me has a poor sight..n when finally the persn gonna see his loved one..the loved one is goin or disappeared!!!!

  24. Yes anaelle dis is wat happn in indian serial

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