Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the sangeet function going on. Dipika dances. Jai looks at Dhara. Hitesh asks him to dance. Jai starts dancing happily on the song taaru photo………… Lily thinks what happened to Jai. Ketki tells Dipika that it looks Jai has accepted everything and he looks happy. Jai smiles. Dhara looks on. Jai thinks Dhara I m very happy today, but my love is true, now see I will never make you go away from my life. He thinks he can bring out Dipika’s truth out, as she will tell everyone herself. Dhara comes in the room and looks at Jai. She shows him what Saraswati Baa gave her. He says the child is lucky to get her blessings. He asks her will she forget him. She says yes, when I forget to breath. She says how can you think I will forget you and this family.

She says I have understood relations here, I got happiness in this house. She says I can never forget you and this family. its morning, Hitesh gets ready. Avni says come soon, you have to do the haldi to Jai first, everyone are waiting for you. He wastes time. Jai sits for haldi. Parul asks Lily about Hitesh. Parul says lets start with Dilip. Dhara sees Jai’s haldi. Dilip applies haldi to Jai. Hitesh comes late and is angry seeing no one waited for him. Ramila says sorry, mahurat was passing by so we started. Hitesh says its fine, I came late. Lily senses something wrong. Hitesh gets angry on Avni. Avni says this happened because of you. He says this is my insult and I will never forget this. Dhara cries seeing Jai.

Lily says I will call Avni. She comes to Avni and asks her to apply haldi. Hitesh says she will not apply. Lily is shocked and asks why. Hitesh tells her he is angry. Lily explains him. He says he understands everything. Lily apologizes to him. Avni feels bad. He says I will leave this house if anyone insults me again. Lily takes Avni. Ketki sees Dhara and smiles. She asks her to come and apply haldi to Jai. Dhara applies haldi to Jai. Jai sees Dhara crying.

Ketki asks Dhara to remove the mangalsutra as its Dikipa’s right. Dhara says no she will not give. Ketki forces her and Djhara protects her mangalsutra. Ramila comes and stops Ketki. She scolds Ketki for doing this. Keti taunts Dhara and leaves. Dhara cries. Jiten gifts Jai his bridal suit. Dipika likes it. Jai is angry on Dipika. Jiten tells he has to talk to Dipika. Parul is upset. Ramila asks what happened. Parul tells that Dhara will be gone from their lives forever. She cries. Dhara cries in her room. Tum ho gham ko chupae………………. plays……………… She thinks about Jai.

Dhara does her packing. She looks at Jai’s photo. Jai comes to her and asks what are you doing. She says I m packing, I have to go, you will be married in some time. He holds her hand and says do the packing later. Sajna mera…………plays…….. He says you are still my wife. She leaves.

Jai takes Hasmukh and Dilip and tells them that Dipika is not pregnant. He says I have proof. Hasmukh asks what proof. Jai says this CD. He says Dhara was with me in the hotel room that night. He tells them everything. They are shocked. Hasmukh says Dipika lied to us to marry you. He says now we will see her. Jai says we won’t do anything. Hasmukh says we don’t have time. Jai says Dipika will tell everyone the truth and tells them his plan. Hasmukh says get ready and come in mandap, then we will show the bride’s real face.

Hasmukh tells everyone that pregnant lady can’t marry. The pandit says the this marriage can’t happen. Dipika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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