Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya sees Samaira keeping a diary in locker and thinks he should find out what is in that diary. Jai informs Aarya that Aditya did not let him see the sketch he had in his hand. Aarya says we should check his cabin. They both search his cabin. Jai finds papers in dustbin and try to arrange them in order, but Madhu comes there and asks what are they doing in Aditya’s cabin. Jai says he came to get some business file and Aarya came with him.

Adiya asks bank manager to give Samaira’s bank locker keys. Manager says he cannot give keys. Aditya says Jagannath group is biggest share holder of his bank and he will sack him if he does not give keys. Manager gives him keys. Adiktya asks him not to inform it to anyone, else even his family will be in trouble.

Aarya and Jai arrange paper bits and find it is a sketch of a man. Jai says he has to find this guy before Aditya finds him.

Aditya opens Samaira’s locker and is shocked to see Shikha’s diary. He calls Samaira and asks her to meet him now.

Sudha prays god with aarti and gets worried seeing aarti flame blowing off. She gets worried about Shikha. Mahi asks her not to worry and to believe in god. Mahi then calls Shikha and informs that Sudha was worried about her. Shikha says she is fine. Mahi says she is explaining Sudha same, but Sudha is worried about her. Sudha speaks to Shikha ans asks her to come and meet her. Shikha says she cannot come now as she is going to meet Aditya. Sudha asks her not to meet Aditya. Shikha says she has to face fear everyday and will have to go through it.

Shikha goes to the same temple where Aditya had tried to push from the cliff and calls Aditya. Aditya comes there and asks her to hold his hand. She hesitantly holds his hand and asks her why did he call her here. Aditya says every meeting has a reason. Aditya says when it comes to people’s life, they will tell the truth. Aditya then tries to push her from cliff, shows her Shikha’s diary and asks her what relationship she has with Shikha Gupta as he saw Neeraj giving her this diary. He was fool to think that Neeraj would harm her. He asks her to tell the truth, else he will push her. Samaira asks her to leave her hand as he does not anything other than that and calls him Sameer Verma. Aditya pulls her back hearing that. Samaira says he did same to Shikha and pushed her from the cliff. She says Shikha is related to Sameer and he is Sameer. Aditya says he does not understand what she is talking about and he does not know Sameer. Samaira says she researched about Shikha and found that he killed her. She says she will be spending time with him, so she searched his history. She says his enemy Neeraj come and gave her Shikha’s personal diary and now she believes Avinash’s book has truth in it. She says he cannot deny that he killed Shikha. Aditya says Shikha did suicide. Samaira thinks he is such a big liar. She then says he forced her to kill herself and he is responsible for her decision. She asks if he will kill her also. Aditya says he loves her truly. She says she does not want to love a fraud like him and is ending their relationship today.

Precap: Shikha and other actors of Sony TV promote Maharana Pratap.
Samaira says Aditya that she cannot believe him now.

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