Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Juwla and Birju find Simar and Roli in the house. Juwala says how dare it.
Pari sees that there is a crack on her egg. Suddenly she recalls that she was playing with it. She says I ahve to do something. i could have changed if it didn’t have those marks. I have to exchange it with uma’s. She goes to her room but uma stops. Uma asks what were you doung in my room ? pari says I came to apologize for hurting you. Uma says don’t need it.

Scene 2
Juwala calls Roli and simar and says Mata ji and anjali are going to die tomorrow. You came here yesterday not its my time. Simar shouts don’t even dare doing something to them. Everyon c comes there. Prem aks what has happened ? Roli tells them everything. Prem says I won’t leave juwala. Simar calls mata ji to ask her to come back home. Her phone is at home. They all leave to find them.
Mata ji is in car with anjali. Birju and his men are following her.

Scene 3
The show bahu no 1 starts. he asks all the eggs to be placed and starts checking. He checks Bhagti’s, it fine. He checks Jhanvi’s egg and syas its all right.
Now pari’s turn come her egg is fine. He checks uma’s egg. He syas there is a crack on your egg. Uma cna’t believe it. Uma has been disqualified.
He says rest of the 3 have moved to next round. Wait for us while we comeback.

Scene 4
Sid asks where is mata ji gone ? Roli says she said she is doung to mrs. Punjh. Sid says some of her friends live in south dehli.
Mata ji has stopped the car to buy anjali ballons. Thye buy ballons.
Roli recalls that its punjabi bhag where she has gone. They find Mata ji on road. The trucks has reached and is about to strike them but Prem gets his car in between. Rli tells mata ji everything. Juwala calls roli again and said how was the answer ? Do you know now what i is like to play with juwala, Roli says we have to fight this time. i won’t leave her. Mata ji says all of oyur lives are endangered.

Scene 5
Uma is upset. Pari says you better advice yourselves then others. Uma recalls when she caught pari outside her room. uma says this is what you have done. I know you exchanged the eggs. Pari says how can you say this.

Scene 6
Everyone in house hear khsuhi screaming. she says that is our locker room and I saw someone in there. They open it but it is locked from inside. They break in the room and a man just jumps from the window. Mata ji looks everywhere and finds out that he has taked the property papers. Juwala calls them and says I have those papers and I will live in bharadwaj house now.

Precap- juwala says you all have 20 minutes and leave after that. Mata ji says this is made by my husband. Juwala says lets kill you all with this house. Suddenly they hear verma coming in with some people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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