Pavitra Rishta 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manav and his family bringing Pari and Naren to the hospital. Doctor informs another doctor that there are two cases, one is mental shock of Naren and another trauma of Pari. Another doctor says he has to take reference from Naren’s psychiatrist. Doctors start treament of Pari and Naren. Doctor informs Rushali and Ankita that Naren is out of danger and is asking about Ahana. Ankita says she is Ahana. Doctor asks her to go inside Naren’s room. Rushali also follows her. Ankita hugs Naren and cries. Doctor says Rushali that he gave sedatives to Naren, but he is trying to get up. Rushali says he gets these kind of fits often whenever he goes near fire. Doctor asks them go out and wait. Shekhar comes and asks Ankita and Rushali about Naren. Ankita says Naren is under trauma due to fear of fire. Ankita asks Rushali to go home and take care of Sunanda and she will be with Naren.

Manav gets a call that Sulochana is unwell. He informs Archana about it. Shekhar says he will take care of Pari and asks Manav and Arcahna to leave. Shekhar sees Pari still unconscious on bed and Ovi sitting next to her. Mansi sees shekhar sad and asks her what happened to her. He asks if Ankita told anything about Naren. Mansi says Naren is taking Ahana’s name whenever he gets up. She asks him why is he so much worried. Shekhar says Naren behaved abnormally and this attack was different, he looked at Pari and called her Ahana, but Ahana is Ankita for Naren. He says even Pari looked at Naren and it seemed like they know each other and have some connection between them. He says if this happens, their marriage will break. He asks Mansi why did Pari look at Naren when he called Ahana, if Pari is Ahana. Mansi says Ahana is Ankita and asks him not to tell about his thinking to Ankita. Shekhar thinks hope Mansi is telling truth, but he cannot forget Naren and Pari looking at each other like that.

Ankita remembers Naren getting excited about hearing her pregnancy news and starts crying seeing him unconscious. She asks him to get up as she needs him. Nurse gives medicine slip to Ankita and asks her to bring them. She says Naren won’t wake up so early as he is under sedatives. Ankita goes out to bring medicine. Shekhar sees her and asks how is Naren. Ankita says he is still unconscious. She asks him sorry for Naren’s behavior. Shekhar says he just wants Naren to get well soon. Ankita says once Naren and Pari get well, she will arrange Shekhar’s marriage with Pari soon.

Naren gets dreams about Ahana/Pari. He wakes up and gets out of his room to search Ahana/Pari. Wardboy asks him to go back to his room. Naren scolds him and asks him to get out. Wardboy runs to call doctor. Naren starts checikng hospital reception computer and gets Pari’s room number. He goes to Pari’s room and identifies her as his Ahana.

Naren goes into flashback about his and Ahana’s car catching fire. He goes near Ahana/Pari and starts crying. He tries to wake up Ahana. Ankita gets medicines and sees rain outside. She thinks what this rain will bring for her, she just wants her husband to get well soon for her and her child’s sake. She hears Naren calling Ahana and runs towards his room, but does not find him. She then asks Shekhar if he saw Naren. They hear Naren shouting Ahana and run toward Pari’s room and see him trying to wake up Ahana/Pari. Naren asks Shekhar what happened to Ahana, but does not identify Ankita. He goes unsconscious then. Ankita holds him and then thinks Pari is Ahana.

Precap: Rushali says Sirish that Naren called Pari as Ahana.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  2. gosh this takes so long i hope naren gets back with ankita she is the one who stand by him all the while

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