Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira comes to the room and sees Arnav missing. Mohanto, Sunaina and Aditya are shocked too. Aditya reads Madhu’s letter. He reads that she is going with Arnav and asks them not to search for her. Sunaina wonders how Madhu will take care of Arnav. Samaira says, we shall inform the Police. Mohanto says, not needed. Madhu’s mental state is normal. Samaira says, she is mad. We shall inform the Police. Aditya tells Samaira that Maddy is Arnav’s mom and she can’t share Arnav with anyone. Samaira cries and insists Mohanto to inform the Police. Sunaina says, Police will think that Madhu escaped because of Vineet’s murder and will file cases against her. Aditya gets Madhu’s call. He gets shocked. Samaira asks him to say what she told. Aditya asks them not to worry as Arnav is fine. She told me that Arnav will be fine and is with his mother now. She won’t allow anything to happen to Arnav.

Samaira gets tensed and asks Aditya. Why you didn’t allow me to talk to Madhu? Why did you disconnect the call. Aditya says, she told me that she will kill Arnav. She threatened me. I lied infront of mom and dad. Maddy thinks we have ruined her life and snatched her everything. He says, I don’t understand why she wants to kill Arnav. Samaira says, because she is mad and can do anything. She says, we have to think something to safe our Arnav. She asks Aditya to save Arnav. Samaira hugs Aditya. He thinks he will punish her very soon.

Avinash calls Shikha and asks her about the custody papers. Shikha informs him about the incident happened and Madhu eloping with Manav. She asks him to call inspector and to ask him to check Madhu’s location. Ainvash informs inspector and asks him to find out Madhu’s mobile location. Avinash thanks him. Inspector says it is his honour to to help hm and there is no need to thank him.

Aditya says Samaira that Madhu must have gone to their farm house and they should go there. Samaira agrees and tries to go out, but Mohanto and Sunaina stop her and ask where is she going. Aditya says she is tensed about Arnav, so he is taking her out to cheer up. They both agree and ask Aditya take Samaira out. Aditya before getting into car asks Samaira to bring his mobile from his room. Once she goes, he calls Madhu and informs that he is coming with Samaira there. Madhu calls Aditya. Samaira picks calls and requests not to harm Arnav. Madhu says he is your son Manav and says Aditya did not believe me that you are Shikha, now I don’t have to explain it to anyone, I have your and Aditya’s son, I will take revenge by killing him. Shikha pleads to leave Manav and to kill her. Madhu says she is not in farmhouse and is somewhere else and to find her if she can. Shikha says Aditya that Madhu is not in farm house and dunno where she is. Aditya calls Madhu and refers her as Pratap. Madhu asks her to stop acting and come soon. Aditya informs Shikha that Madhu is in Panchgani and we should reach there soon. They both reach Panchgani’s resort. Shikha gets into the resort and sees Manav’s blood stained T-shirt on bed. She thinks Arnav is killed by Madhu and starts crying vigorously. She reminisces happier times with Manav. She shows T-shirt to Aditya. Madhu calls her and says she is not in Panchgani and they cant catch her easily. Shikha asks about Arnav. Madhu says he is fine and asks her to remember the injections she gave and tortured her. Aditya takes phone and starts acting. Madhu asks him to stop acting and keeps phone. Aditya continues his acting.

Precap: Shikha finds Madhu holding gun on Arnav and Madhu says she wants to see her crying seeing Arnav killed.

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