Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with andhak says to mata that i will accept your curse as boon, then he trying to trap mata laxmi and mata parvati comes in between them. andhak says, i think mata parvati also wants to come in patal lok. Mata parvati says, asur will only progress when you will not their king and whenever he will thinks that dev is not his enemy but they themselves their enemy. Andhak says, ok good, i feel good to hear that. Laxmi ji alerts to andhak and says, she is jagdamba “Jagat mata”. Andhak says, if she is my mother then why will ganesh, kartikaye or ashok sundri is not asur and why will only we become asur and now this is the time to balance all this, so please now control all this and come with me. Mata says, swami has given you rohitang for progress but you have using him against swami. Ok, i will come with you and ask from all asur then what will you give answer. Laxmi ji says, raja bali is great devotee of vishnu ji and adi killed only for his evil. Andhak says, why will i grow in patal and why will i get praise as ganesh. Mata says, ganesh has cut his head and kartikaye has grow with kritikaye and but you has said abuse to your mata and rohitang has also given to you but you have done wrong to him. Andhak says, enough and now you have to come with me. Mahadev gets angry. Andhak says, and if you will not come with me then i will bring you forcefully. Mahadev shouts on andhak and mata converts into her jagdamba face and andhak also brings his power and surrounds mata. Mata killed andhak’s swaroop. Mata tries to kill andhak but she stops herself. Andhak says, what happened mata, dont you kill me? Mata says, if i will kill you then i will prove wrong to swami’s boon. Mahadev will give you punishment. Mahadev arise and says, you know that what is your problem, you have get your vision but you still BLIND. You dont know anything but still i will give you another chance, say sorry to mata and devi laxmi. Andhak says, when will you feel sorry himself, you thinks that you are good but you didnt see your evil. You are so cruel father and how will you feel so sorry. When will you know yourself. Dont you feel shame on yourself. You had seen everything and your first wife get killed then after you killed mata’s father, you killed brahmadev and ganesh head and kartikaye is trying to think you. You have done wrong with your child. You have given freedom only when they follow you. YOu can forgive adi but you didnt, isnt is bad? And rohitang is your part, you can give him to mata but you have given devi prithvi but you didnt feel shame. You are donor so that i want something from you, please give me devi laxmi and mata parvati and your trishul. Mahadev gets angry and says, you have attacked on your mother, so you end is near.
Asur informs to rohitang that we will loose this war and andhak is not with us, he has gone to kailash. Andhak wife’s says, will you protect your brother, tell me today. Rohitang gets confused. Here mahadev throws trishul on andhak and andhak calls rohitang.
Andhak wife and rohitang see andhak in patal lok. Rohitang says, who has done this ? Rohitang says, i will bring you down. Andhak says, let me free from this body. Andhak wife says, mahadev has again killed another shivansh.

Precap:- Rohitang gets angry and says, now i will take revenge with mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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