Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya gets annoyed seeing his employees laughing. He asks why are they laughing. Employees say they are laughing on an SMS joke. Aditya says he knows why are they laughing and says if they laugh again, he will sue them. One of Emlpoyee asks if reading joke is crime. Aditya slaps him and says he will sue him if he will laugh again. Employee says he did wrong by slapping him.

Mohanto gets calls from office informing him about employee thinking of taking legal action against Aditya. Mohanto says he will go and handle the situation himself. Samaira apologizes him for Aditya’s mistake.

Samaira decorates her room with flowers and candles and reminisces her happy days with Sameer/Aditya. She thinks till now everyone used to believe Aditya is impotent, today Aditya will also believe that he is impotent.

Aditya gets a call from HR department and says employee complained about him and Mohanto handled the situation, but if he repeats his mistake, he will be under a scanner. Aditya says he is the boss of this company. HR says Mohanto told rule will not be changed for anyone. Aditya says ok and cuts call. He gets call again and asks why is he calling him again. Samaira speaks and says he waiting for her at home.

Aditya reaches home and gets happy seeing his room decorated. He gets Samaira’s SMS asking him to come near swimming pool. He does there and sees Samaira singing and dancing on Ye sazish hai kuch aisi.. Dekhonaa….song in rain. He also starts singing romantically. He lifts her and brings her to their room and starts romancing. He gives champagne to her and they both drink it. He then starts romancing her on bed. Samaira closes her eyes and remembers him pushing her from cliff. Aditya realizes that he is not getting erection even after vigorous kissing and fondling. Samaira sees his tensed face and thinks medicine is working. Aditya stops romancing and wakes up. Samaira asks if he liked her surprise and asks if he loves her. Aditya does not reply anthing and remembers Mohanto’s herbal medicine, doctor’s and Aarya’s words. Samaira asks if everything is alright. Aditya says something has gone wrong. Samaira thinks how he can imagine how it is to feel betrayal. She asks what does he mean. She asks if he will not be able to satisfy her. Aditya says he does not what is happening with him. Samaira asks how can he do this to her, why did he hide such a big thing. Aditya asks her to belileve him. Samaira asks she believed him and married him. She says maybe Madhu scolds him often and gets annoyed because of that. Aditya asks her to listen him first. Samaira sayas she does not want to listen him now, takes her pillow and goes out from there, smirking.

Samaira give black coffee to Aditya in the morning and apologizes him for her misbehaviour, but says she felt devastated when she heard her husband is impotent. Aditya says it is okay. Samaira says she was selfish to scold him and repeatedly apologizes him for leaving him alone in this tough situation and says she is with him now. Aditya thanks her and says he did not sleep whole night thinking about it and did not sleep whole night, says he loves her a lot and asks her not to leave him alone. Samairs ays she will not leave him alone and thinks she will make him feel dying everyday. She gives Mohanto’s herbal medicnie and asks him to take it saying it may relax his tension, says even if this medicine does not work, his wife’s prayers will help him. Aditya goes to freshen up.

Precap: Mohanto tries to feed food to Madhu. Madhu sees Samaira signalling her and throws food saying it has cockroach in it.

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