Ek Boond Ishq 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara comes to shopkeeper and says I am finding mrityunjay, my husband, we used to live in Bhopal, shopkeeper traps her and says that bhopali mj, yes I know him, he lives near only com with me, tara says please take me.
laado is seeing news of sia missing, the pic of tara is about to come on tv but pari comes and breaks wire of tv, laado scolds her, laado eats food and says its too much spicy, pari laughs on her, laado’s servant brings water for her, laado ask pari why are you laughing, laado runs behind her, pari runs from there.
shopkeeper brings tara to one house and says mj lives here, tra sits there, he says I will bring him, tara sees news of sia missing from house, she says now all city will be finding me.
laado is scolding the servant who made the spicy food, laado makes her eat spice and doesn’t give her water, mj brings galebies for laado and ask her to eat and be calm, laado says from where did you bring it, he sasy I made it, PRECAP. laado looks at him, mj says how you don’t know about this that I can make jalebies.

Scene 2
tara sees shopkeeper saying to other man that she is lottery of 5lac for him and he is going to call om, tara tries to run from there but other man comes and tries to stop her but tara takes knife in her hand and threatens him.
mj ask laado to answer his some questions, he says you told me that I used to live in chawl then how do I know to make jalebies and how do I know English, laado talks in bad English and says I can make jalebies too but I don’t want to, she says there used to be a teacher in our society so you learnt from her, mj saystoday one girl called me by name of mj, laado thinks how can be it.
tara is running from men, she hides and thinks what should I do now, where will I go, where do I find mj, she says I will not cry, I have seen mj in this city so I have to find him, she thinks that today I will do something which I never done before.
laado says you listened mrityunjay in mandir as its name of lord shiv so you listened in mandir, she ask him to think about the girl whom you have to kill, mj says I trust you a lot laado, don’t break it else you know I can control everything but not my anger, he leaves, laado thinks who can be that girl.laado thinks that whoever is this girl, I have to find her and will kill her.

Scene 3
vidant is thinking that don’t know where is sia, how is she, inspector comes and says that the jewelry which we have retrieved from girl robber(nandu), we have to submit them in court, nandu comes there in disguise of old women, she comes to vidant and says that thanks, he ask who are you, she says I am nandu’s mother, she says because of you my daughter promised that she will not do robbery, she gives him parsad but before vidant can take it, a call and vidant says that sia has been seen cnadani chowk, he goes there, nandu gives parsad to all police officers, all of them becomes unconscious, nandu laughs and finds key of the cupboard where her jewelry is kept, she finds the key and laughs.

Scene 4
om is on call and says you didn’t find sia till now, I will not leave you, mannat thinks that my brother is silly to think that tara will be found, she comes to om and says you shouldn’t have trusted her and not sent her with guard only, om says she always deceived me, I always gave her love, I gave her everything but what she did, she also deceived you, how can sia deceive you, she had affair with your husband, mannat says leave old things, you know when you think about past, your anger becomes too much, I have fear that you might kill tara like you killed sia earlier, you know how much tara is important to you, om says you are right I shouldn’t have trusted tara, tara comes and sasy you didn’t do anything wrong by trusting me, om and mannat are shocked to see her there.
vidant comes to chandani chawk and says to commisiner that I didn’t talk with om. he comes in police station and finds all police men unconscious, he sees jewelry missing, vidant reads the letter and nandu has written in it that I have taken my jewelry back, I pray I will not meet you again, vidant sasy now you will not be saved from me, I told you that I don’t give second chance.
tara says to om that you think that I deceived you but when I went to mandir, I felt dizzy and became unconscious and when I became conscious then I saw there was no one in mandir, not even your guard, I sat beside stairs and slept there, then I wake up and start walking then I reached here, I am sorry, mannat sasy its okay, om sasy we were just worried, its good you came back, tara thinks that I came to know about your strength om and if I have to find mj in this city then I have to use your strength only, om thinks that tara you are stupid to think that you will play games with me, I don’t know why you came back but I will not allow you to do this again, tara thinks that soon my mj will come and will take me from here.

PRECAP- laado says to balli that mannat has called me and there is party today in their house, there you have to kill that girl(tara), are you ready, balli says balli is always ready, someone from back shots on balli’s hand, balli shouts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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