Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani getting tensed. DAdi come to her and asks what were you thinking? She asks about her wound. Shivani says nothing. She asks about the well. Dadi gets tensed. Shivani says, something is strange in that well. I have a doubt about it. Dadi says, it is your suspicion. She asks her to find her stick. Shivani wonders what is in that well that everyone is hiding about it.

Rajesh calls aloud for breakfast. Gini says, I am bringing. Maya signs her something. Gini says, I cooked Dahi bade..Rajesh asks, how did you know that I like it. Gini says, I was about to marry you. It was my duty to know your favourite dishes. Rajesh tastes the food and says it was good. Gini intentionally throws water on his hands and then cleans it. Maya brings Sumitra and fills her ears against Rajesh. Sumitra sees Rajesh looking at Gini. Maya asks Sumitra to keep Rajesh safely. Shivani searches for the stick and goes to Sunanda’s room.

Shivani calls for Sunanda and goes inside the room. She sees Dadi’s stick in the room. She takes it and sees blood on the stick. She recalls getting attacked by the same stick. Sunanda comes to her room and asks Shivani what she is doing in her room. Shivani says, she was searching Dadi’s stick. It was found in your room. Sunanda asks her to leave.

Shivani asks Sunanda, if this stick was used by someone else too. She asks about the blood stain on it. She tells that she saw someone going near the well and when she followed him. She was attacked. Sunanda says, you wants to say that I attacked you with this stick. Shivani says, I was just asking. Sunanda says, how dare you to accuse me. Sunanda’s husband come there and asks Shivani not to accuse his wife. Sunanda asks Shivani to shut up. She says, you have ruined the atmosphere of this house. She is about to push her. Raghu comes there and looks at Sunanda angrily.

Raghu asks her to leave Shivani’s hand. Sunanda asks him to take care of Shivani. She tells that she has been accusing her. She says, kids were painting yesterday and that stick was there. She asks her to think 1000 times before accusing her.

Raghu says, this won’t happen again. He tells Sunanda that we have understood that you don’t have the values. He asks her to learn from Shivani. He says, never raise your hand on her and don’t talk with loud voice. She is my wife and I won’t bear her insult. Shivani is happy. Do Dil bandhe plays……….She looks at him smilingly.

While Rajesh is cleaning his scooter. Gini purposely falls on Rajesh. He holds her and they have an eye lock. Maya shows them to Sumitra. She asks Sumitra to be careful else Rajesh will fall in love with Gini. Sumitra gets annoyed and goes to Rajesh. She slaps him hard. Rajesh asks, why did you slapped me. Sumitra says, I told you to stay away from Gini. Rajesh says, she slipped on me. Sumitra warns to kill him if he gets near Gini. Gini and Bella laugh on them. Maya says, we will trouble her. They laugh.

Panditji comes to Saharia’s house. Lata opens the door and says you didn’t call me for the puja, so I came. Bella comes and greets him. He asks, is everything fibe? Lata apologizes to him and says we want to do the puja, but don’t have money. Bella says, this house is not ours now. Panditji asks her to have strength and is about to leave. Sumitra stops Panditji and says I will get the Nav grah puja done here. She gives him money and asks him to prepare for the puja. She says, no evil eye should spell on me and my house. Bella thinks, you can’t be freed from the punishment.

Raghu tells Shivani that Sunanda is not having any values. He asks her not to talk to Sunanda again. Shivani smiles. Raghu asks, why you are smiling. Shivani says, you said that I am your wife. I am smiling since I heard it from your mouth. Raghu says, you are thinking me wrongly. Shivani says, I am happy that you realized that I am your wife.

Raghu says, even today you are Maliksaa’s grand daughter for me. I am fulfilling the promise made to him. Shivani asks him to forget for 1 min that she is Maliksaa’s grand daughter and asks him to forget the promise. She asks, will you tolerate if anyone insults me. Raghu says, never. I won’t tolerate. Shivani smiles. Raghu makes an excuse and leaves. Shivani blushes. She thinks, the wall between us is melting. The day is not far when you will confess your feelings for me. I will wait for that day. She turns around and sees Dadi’s stick. Shivani doubts on Sunanda and determines to find out the truth.

Veer comes to Shivani and hugs her from behind. Shivani is shocked to see Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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