Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Trick Works

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar enters Jaya’s house disguised as goon and attacks her with fake knife. Satya runs and shouts. Jaya with others enter home from temple and get worried for Satya. Samar reveals his identity. Satya shouts he tried to kill her, call police. Jaya shouts at Samar how could he and does not let him speak, continues mamma cannot speak at all. She turns and is surprised to see Satya standing on her feet and gets emotional. Samar dances behind her taunting Satya. Satya reminisces Samar challenging he will make her stand on her feet within 24 hours. Dr. Shatrughan enters and says it was his shock therapy as promised and Samar helped him. Samar shows fake knife. He congratulates Satya for recovery, thanks Samar for his help and walks away saying he will never forget this unique case. Jaya walks to Satya emotionally. Satya asks where is Shikha. Jaya says Shikha did not go home since 2 days worried for her. Shikha says she will go home now and leaves.

Jaya feels guilty for misunderstanding Samar and scolding him. Naani says Samar always thinks good for Satya and family for Jaya’s sake and Jaya always misunderstand him, she should go and apologize him. Jaya walks into Samar’s room with food and apologizes him. He says he considers her mother as his mother and is always worried for her, how can Jaya allege him wrongly, he will not have food. Jaya walks away feeling guilty with food and informs Satya that he is not having food. Satya says let her take food and walks into Samar’s room with food plate. Samar munches food and taunts Satya that he won his challenge by using her own tricks and finishing almost whole food shout he will not have food, drops plate and shouts how can she make him drop food.

Satya walks down and asks Richa to call Puneeth in the evening and says she is feeling sad that Samar is not having food. Jaya says she will try to feed her. Naani and Richa also say they will. Samar after eating too much thinks how to digest food when they all walk in and Jaya insists to have food. He nervously says he does not want to and will have tomorrow morning. She gives her promise followed by Naani and Richa. Jaya says it was mamma’s plan. Richa says mamma has changed and called Puneeth home. Samar feels tensed while Satya smirks.

Precap: Satya shows prenuptual contract to Jaya and Samar and says Rama got it and it is clearly written after divorce, Jaya will get Surana family’s 50% wealth. Samar and Jaya stand shocked.

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  1. This is becoming boring now. At least show some little romance between the couple.. Only dragging psycho satyas drama in all of the episodes

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Geeti, I am in total agreement with you. This crap has been going on too long…and where is Rama’s fault in the agreement? she agreed to Satya Devil’s requests because she wanted her son to be married to momma’s pet, Jaya. Samar needs to go home and leave them…if Jaya really loves him, she will seek him. I am getting bored now with this stupid track.

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