Chandragupta Maurya 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Find Outs Dhananand’s Secret Wealth Hideout

Chandragupta Maurya 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta informs his friends about Dhananand looting businessmen’s wealth and imposing security tax on them in lieu of protecting them. Friends think Dhananand is so cheap. Chandragupta stands smiling, and they ask reason. Chanakya enters and says Chandragupta is planning to destroy Dhananand’s wealth. Chandragupta says if Chanakya was not so stubborn, he would have been his friend. Friends say if Chandragupta will execute his plan alone. Chandragupta says he with his friends united will find out Dhananand’s wealth hideout. Chanakya says Chandragupta has to plan himself and remember all 4 of them have 4 different thinking. He walks away. Friends say Acharya went silently without explaining plan. Chandragupta he hinted them plan and explains them his plan in detail.

Mahamartya carries wealth on chariot again with soldiers. Chandragupta disguises himself as soldier and joins them. Chanakya takes them near river Ganga, gets wealth loaded into boat and asks whoever has special band can get into boat, rest stand out. Except four, all soldiers walk out including Chandragupta. Mahamartya then orders them to turn, spreads smoke, and takes boat away. Chandragupta returns to Chanakya’s den and tells that Mahamartya took wealth via Ganga river and he could not find out secret hideout. Chanakya spreads smoke. Chandragupta does not find his frinsd and asks where are they. Chanakya asks to find out his friend to find out answer. Friends come in front and say they are here. Chandragupta says they are near him, then how could not he see them. Chanakya says now he foudn answer. Chandragupta says that means Dhananand created a smoke illusion and hid secret wealth in ganga bed. Chanakya says Dhananand is country’s one of best diver and reaches his secret wealth in river bed easily. Chandragupta says where is this wealth in river bed. Chanakya says he will explain and puts oil and water in bowl and says oil and water don’t mix. Chandragupta says everyone knows about it. Chanakya says he knows answer also then and walks away asking him to explain it to his friends. Chandragupta says Stulbhadra and Indra will put oil on wealth bags while he smears oil on boat. They can easily find boat and wealth’s location via oil on river water.

Mahamartya orders soldiers to load wealth into boat. Chandragupta’s friends help Mahamartya. Stulbhadra drops oil on the way while Indra and Dhoomketu bring wealth bags dragging on oil floor. Chandragupta smears boat with oil. Once wealth bags are loaded on boat, Mahamartya leaves. Chandragupta with his friends and Chanakya reaches river shore. Stulbhadra asks why they smeared oil on wealth bags and boat. Chanakya asks Chandragupta to answer him. Chandragupta picks bow and arrow. In palace, Durdhara gifts new horse to Dhananand. Dhananand asks how did she find competent horse like his previous one. Durdhara says by its movement and describes what soldiers told when thief/Chandragupta was trying to infiltrate during wealth transfer and horse changed behavior. Dhananand says someone is trying to loot his wealth then. Chandragupta shoots fire arrow into river and oil layer catches fire and wealth boat bursts.

Chanakya Niti: If they cannot see their image on mirror, they will clean mirror, but if image is blur even then, problem must be in their vision, so they should clear their eyes then; similarly one should change their view if they cannot see their goal.

Precap: Dhananand says he has to find out who dared to eye on his wealth.
Chandragupta runs into river.

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