Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Durgamasura sends chayasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh flying on mushak ji after killking the demoness kithika. Mushak ji says prabhu, I think we are coming near to durgamasura’s lok. Ganesh says yes, but there is still time, durgamasura’s lok is still away from here, once we reach there mother’s power vested in this diya will destroy his lok and we can escape devi ved from there, the world will be saved and even the gods. Mushak ji says prabhu, durgamasura will keep sending demons to stop us, ganesh says yes I know we have to be careful mushak ji.
There durgamasura is angry and he screams in anger. He says I will send an even more powerful demon ganesh, you killed kithika but you wont be able to stop all demons that I send. Durgamasura calls chayasura! Chayasura appears and says maharaj durgamasura, you summoned me! what can I do for you? durgamasura says chayasura, ganesh, the son of devi adishakti is coming here with a lit diya and if the light of that diya’s fire touches my lok then my lok shall be destroyed, go and use your dark powers and put out the light of that diya. Chayasura says but maharaj, ganesh ji can kill me, it is not easy to fool him. durgamasura says it is the order of your king, go now. chayasura says okay and says I will put out the light of that diya. Chayasura goes in his shadow form.
There kartikeya says mother, chayasura is a dark demon in shadow form, how will ganesh stop him? what if he comes swiftly and puts out the diya’s light? Mata says be patient kartikeya, see what happens.
There as ganesh flies towards durgamasura’s lok, chayasura comes in his shadow form. As he flies towards ganesh, he slowly flies faster and goes past the lit diya’s fire. The fire is put out and ganesh watches and is shocked, he says how could I let this happen? the fire has been put out by someone, what do I do? Ganesh then look carefully and he removes the illusion created by chayasura, ganesh puts back the fire from the burning smoke and the diya is lit again. ganesh then says who is it? come before me demon. Chayasura hides in his shadow form under the diya. Ganesh thinks, I know it is a dark demon, I have to use my intelligence here and not strength. Ganesh says mushak ji do you remember mother told us that anyone who even touches this diya shall turn to ash and die? Mushak says oh yes prabhu. Chayasura thinks what is he saying? He comes out from under the diya. Ganesh sees and uses his trunk and starts pulling chayasura by using air from his trunk. Ganesh says demon, you will be punished. Chayasura gets scared and says no prabhu, please leave me! prabhu forgive me. ganesh leaves chayasura. Chayasura says prabhu, I don’t have any motive to do this, I was sent by durgamasura to put out the fire of this diya. ganesh says you shall take me to durgamasura’s lok. Chayasura says okay prabhu but what will this diya do? Ganesh says once the light of this diya touches durgamasura’s lok, it will destroy his lok. Durgamasura is doing adharma and you were being a part of it, he has taken the ved devi captive and I am going there to save devi of ved and bring her back to earth. Chayasura says I will take you to his lok, I will help you prabhu.

Precap: Ganesh follows chayasura towards durgamasura’s lok. There devi of ved says durgamasura soon your end will be near. Durgamasura says why hasn’t chayasura come yet?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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