Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Bails Out Samar

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar inebriated reaches outside Jaya’s house and throws message into her room. Jaya wakes up. Anjali sleeping next to her asks what happened. Jaya says nothing. She walks to window. Samar loudly shouts he came to meet her. She goes down. He sitting on car bonnet insists he needs to talk something important. She climbs bonnet and asks why did he come here, she does not want to speak, smells alcohol and asks if he is drunk. Samar says he was not courageous to come in front of her, all mistake is Lallan’s, he should not have listened to Lallan. Constable enters and asks what is happening here, is this the place for romance. Samar says he is his wife and he came to convince her. Officer smiles and leaves. Neighbor enters and asks what is she doing with damadji outside. Jaya says they are going in and asks Samar to get down and come home. He asks if she forgave him. She says yes and drags him home. He hugs her. She makes him sit and says he did a big mistake by coming at this time. He says he loves her and she is his wife. She hears someone’s footsteps and hides near wall. Kabeer comes down to drink water. Samar goes to him and speaks, but sleepy Kabeer drinks water and leaves. Samar returns to Jaya and says he loves her immensely and nobody can love each other like them, why they are wasting time in fights. Satya walks down shouting who is it. Samar tries to go in front of her, but Jaya drags him away forcefully and promise Samar to meet him tomorrow. He asks to say I love you. She says yes locks door. Satya switches on light. Jaya nervously says she came to check door lock. Satya asks to go and sleep and leaves. Jaya relaxes.

Samar drives car and gets tensed seeing police checking. He stops car slowly. Constable asks to roll down glass and asks to tell name. Samar repeats. Constable asks to look at him and speaks. Samar says his mother taught not to look into police’s eyes. Constable asks to speak looking at him. Samar asks to tell directly if he is drunk or not. Constable informs inspector that man is drunk. Inspector asks to take him to police station and in police station confronts drink and drive is a crime. Samar says today it is special. Inspector asks to call his family or lawyer. Samar calls lawyer, but he does not pick call. Inspector asks to call family. Jaya calls him just then and asks if he reached home. He says he went to sasural, means police station in drink and drive case. Satya walks in and asks why she is still awake. Satya tells her whole story that Samar had come to meet her and is caught by police in drink and drive case, pleads to save Samar. Satya says she will change and go. Jaay insists to accompany. Satya asks to wait at home.

She reaches police station and tells inspector she brought Samar’s bail papers. Inspector says he has not registered case yet. She asks to register and then bail him. Inspector asks constable to drop Samar out. Satya takes Samar in her car. Samar says sorry. Jaya eagerly waits for Samar and Satya. Satya takes Samar to his home. Family gets shocked seeing Satya and ask if everything is fine. Chachi says she must have come to drop Jaya. Satya walks to them and says she brought Samar instead and cals Samar. Samar walks out of car with wobbly gait. Family stands more shocked seeing that.

Precap: No precap.

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