Krishna Chali London 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Lali falls in danger

Krishna Chali London 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna going in. She turns to see. Dubey waves her. Radhe sits far and cries. Krishna cries and sees Radhe’s pic. She thinks this relation doesn’t matter now, we both failed to keep this, I promise I won’t look back. She deletes his contact. She goes. Radhe says you left me alone, you could have at least given one chance to my love. Lali and Pinky cry. Gajanan wakes up and gets worried. Shukla comes and says what happened, aren’t you asleep. Gajanan asks how did you come so soon. Shukla says I went by flight and came back after dropping Lali, is pandal work going fine. Gajanan asks how is Lali, can I meet her. Shukla says yes, doctor took her mobile, he said it has radiation, you do trust me right, she is my Bahu, have faith. Gajanan says yes.

Lali wakes up and finds herself tied. Pinky shouts to her. Krishna is at airport. She calls Lali. Shukla doesn’t answer. She makes a lady answer call and talk as Lali’s mum. Krishna asks about Lali. The lady says she is fine, she had samosas and slept. Shukla holds head. The lady says I meant she slept on time. Shukla says tell her doctor gave you phone. Krishna says fine, if you talk to her, tell her I will pray for her. She ends call. Shukla pays the man. The man scolds Lali. Doctor and the man laugh and drink. They hear bhajan. Doctor says its from nearby pandal. Lali thinks Maa prove your existence, have mercy on my daughter. Krishna gets the boarding pass. Radhe says I m free now. Saajan says its all your fault, apologize to Mata Rani, maybe some miracle happens and Krishna stops from going to London.

Radhe asks Mata Rani to make a miracle. The man says I don’t have my mobile. Doctor says don’t worry, I will check. He calls on number. Lali gets the phone by Pinky’s help. Lali calls Gajanan. He does aarti and doesn’t answer the call. The man looks for his phone. He sees Lali and looks for phone. He goes. Lali calls Krishna. Krishna disconnects and keeps phone away. She goes for security check. She gets the call again. Lali says please answer. Guard asks Krishna to answer the call. Krishna answers the call. Lali says its me Lali, our lives are in danger, we are held captive here, Pinky is with us. Pinky shouts. Krishna gets shocked. Lali says we are abandoned here. The doctor takes phone from Lali and ends call.

Krishna sees Shukla and hides. She turns and sees Radhe. Radhe smiles and stops Krishna. She sees Shukla and hugs Radhe. Radhe gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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