Mere Sai 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Decides To Perform Brahmand Samadhi

Mere Sai 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mhalsapati sees Baiza maa walking tensely and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, but Sai is not fine. He asks what will happen to Sai. She says she is Sai’s mother and can sense he is having some issue which is worrying him, if he can ask Sai. He agrees and asks not to worry, he will speak Sai. He meets Sai and says Baiza maa is worried for him. Sai says maa understands children’s problem, he is tensed as he did a sin aand reminisce misguiding Anta and saving Ganpat Rao from having kumkum laced laddo. Mhalsapati says he did it to save Ganpat Rao, Kulkarni and Anta are culprits and not him. Sai says he has to repent for his sin and has to do brahmand sadhnaa where his soul will leave his body for 3 days. Malshapati cries and says he cannot let Shirdi orphan. Sai says he will return in 3 days after his sadhna completes, till then Mhalsapati has to protect his body. Mhalsapati asks why did not he inform Baiza maa. Sai says a mother’s love would not allow him to go and says if he does not return in 3 days, he Mhalsapati should bury his body right there.

Villager informs Appa that Mhalsapati went to Dwarkamayi before them. Abdul and Ranoji who are with Appa say they all go to togher and return always, let us go ask Mhalsapati reason when we reach there.

Mhalsapati says he is not competent to protect his body, let others come. Sai draws mattress on floor and says they will not let him do that, it is time to go and sleeps on mattress. Storm starts. Appa and everyone hold objects to protect themselves from flying and discuss this storm will trouble nearby villages also. All Sai’s disciples feel something is wrong with Sai. Sai’s soul leaves a bright light and travels on sky. They all notice it and think it is broken star. A few of them see Sai’s image in sky. Storm stops. Baiza maa and her MIL discuss something has happened.

Appa and others reach Dwarkamayi and see Sai sleeping and Mhalsapati sitting nearby. They complain Sai that Mhalsapati came before them, ask Mhalsapati why he is looking sad. Mhalsapati says he is tired and asks them to go, he will return later.

Precap: Anta and Panta insist to feed medicine to Sai and tries to pick ash from fire, fire erupts high.

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