Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Meets With An Accident

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya continues addressing newly married ladies and says one should never compromise and there is only 1 mother and saas cannot take mother’s place. Rama says Satya is right, but maa cannot be everywhere, so god made sasumaa, just like Devaki and Yashoda are both Krishna’s mother. People clap for her. A man says he has one complaint, why women go to maika when they fight at maika. Satya calls him near her and pinches hard. Man shouts in pain calling maa. Satya says he got his answer. Host thanks both Rama and Satya for lending their valuable time and says today they are serving both sasural and maika food. Everyone laugh. Satya tells Rama that she spoke her heart. Rama says she likes her and Jaya’s upfront nature. Satya asks if she wants to speak about Jaya.

Rama says no.

Samar and Jaya reach Sarika’s house with teej. Sarika hugs them and asks how is family. Samar says they are all fine and asks where is jiju. Sarika says hesitates, but her MIL says he is in room. Sarika goes to room and wakes up her husband saying Samar and Jaya have come. He yells she came just yesterday from her maika and now her maika people came, what is happening. She requests to meet Samar once at least. He continues yelling. Jaya with Kabeer passes by and hears their conversation. Husband walks down and starts his acting, he excitedly meets Samar and insists to have dinner and go. Samar says he will come some other time and leaves with Jaya. While driving, he says he wants her to return home with her bag as she runs to her maika with that bag for silly reasons. Jaya says her mamma gave that bag. He says that is the reason. She yells not to insult her mamma. He says he is not. Jaya continues arguing. Samar drives to Satya’s house in tension. Jaya says he does not want her to return to his home, so he dropped her and walks away. Samar feels guilty that he himself let Jaya to her maika this time, it is not her mistake.

Jaya returns to Satya’s house. Naani asks why did she come back, where is Samar. Satya asks if she is fine. Jaya hugs her crying and says Samar dropped her here. Satya asks her to go and rest. Naani asks Satya how does she identify her daughter’s feelings. Satya says Naani just gave her birth and did not support her after that, but she is taking care of her children even now. Rama cries in her room. Samar drives car feeling guilty. Jaya gets a phone call and rushes to hospital ands ees Samar on bed in bandages after accident. She walks to him shocked and asks how did it happen. Lallan says Samar driving car rashly in tension and met with an accident, car totally damaged

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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