Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update : Kulfis school admission.

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Kulfi feels she can never trust Sikandar again. She doesn’t want to talk to him. He apologizes to her and tells her that he will always love her, even if she gets annoyed. Tevar and Lovely take Kulfi for the school interview. Kulfi likes the school a lot. She tells Tevar that she can do anything to get admission in the school. She feels like studying in the class. Amyra welcomes Kulfi in her school and wishes her the best.

She tells Kulfi that principal will ask her few questions regarding her parents. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to get them insulted. Sikandar arrives at the school and finds Tevar and Lovely fighting. He tells them that he was afraid for this and came to check. He goes for supporting Kulfi in the interview. Lovely doesn’t want Kulfi to take Nimrat’s name in front of Sikandar.

Sikandar asks Kulfi not to get scared and give her best. Tevar doesn’t want Kulfi to lose the admission because of him. He wants Sikandar to ensure Kulfi’s success at the interview. He takes Sikandar’s help. Tevar tells the principal that he just met his daughter a couple of days before, but Sikandar means the world to her. He feels Sikandar loves Kulfi more. Sikandar describes Kulfi to them. He feels she is a blessing for him. He gets emotional during the interview. He praises Kulfi a lot, which turns Lovely upset. Lovely asks Kulfi not to spoil Sikandar’s name in the principal’s cabin.

She forces Kulfi to give a good interview. Kulfi gets stressed. Lovely stops the principal from knowing about Kulfi’s mother. Kulfi tells them that she wants to study. She gets upset with Tevar’s truth blocking her mind. Sikandar and Tevar persuade her to answer the principal.

Sikandar gets worried that Kulfi will say something that breaks Tevar’s heart. He fails to manage Kulfi’s school admission. Principal feels Kulfi is not normal girl, and asks them to send Kulfi to a special school. Kulfi fails in her interview and loses hope. Amyra tells her that Sikandar will find some way. Kulfi thinks to tell Tevar that she wants to find her real father.

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  1. It was nice to see Amyra’s caring side, she’s evolved as a person. I hope the serial continues showing this bond and these 2 child actors and not decide to skip years.

  2. first i wanted Tevar and Kulfi to stay together… but if now Kulfi knows Tevar is not her father, then Tevar too should know. Otherwise when Kulfi grows up, Tevar will question her as to how she too hid the truth from him. I cant guess what Tevar will do after finding Kulfi isnt his daughter. He obviously loves Kulfi. But he too would want to find out his own daughter like Kulfi wants to find out her own father. Until then maybe they will stay together, i hope that is what happens. I just dont feel like Sikander deserves to raise Kulfi. He left Nimrat for selfish reasons. His whole family is selfish, none of them wanting to help Kulfi directly despite knowing the truth. What is the surety that they will take care of Kulfi properly? Tevar is much better father in that respect.
    Besides, there is also Amyra. The little girl used to be selfish just like her mother and insecure for her father’s love. But now she is much better and improving as a person. I dont think she would ever be able to accept that Sikander is not her father but Tevar is. That is a big reveal. Maybe when she grows up with Kulfi, she will be able to take a mature decision as an adult. But right now, a child doesn’t deserve to be shattered like that for the fault of her selfish mother!

  3. Kyaaaa, omg please reveal the secret and also I heard there’s going to be a time skip but I really like the child actors and I want them to find out the truth while they are still kids. Love that Amyra has evolved as a character. We don’t see much of that in dramas

  4. Ankita Tripathi

    Bakwas chl rhi h or kuchh ni .. dragging chl rhi h. .. Pta ni dropping kr hogi..

  5. Y is lovely there with kulfi n I think kulfi should tell the truth about her mom

  6. How long are they going to prolong this nonsensical drama??? Huh how long??? Jeez man gimme a break one can clearly see the writers are up to no good. Let Sikander finds out the truth and this damn Lovely is so selfish agreed Sikander marry for money but to err is human he has realize his mistake almost everyone is given a second chance why not him?? He needs to know the truth and aww man I am so sorry for Tevar he love Kulfi so much when he finds out the truth…

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