Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira make a plan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh and Surekha coming downstairs. Akhilesh asks Manish to read the papers, they can talk with the lawyers. He says I m leaving along with my family. Lav and Kush hug Manish. Akhilesh keeps the file. He goes to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi gets back and cries. He says I m leaving, mum, call me up if you miss me, and come to my house if you want to meet, I m your son. She folds hands and says then don’t go please. They cry. She says if you have little love for me, if you respect me, if you care for your mum, please don’t go. Suwarna hugs her. He says sorry, I wish you had understood me, this situation would have not arisen today. He says I shall leave, we shall have next meeting with lawyers, Goenkas versus Goenkas, right Mr. Manish Goenka? They cry.


hugs Akhilesh and cries. He says don’t go, I m your brother, why are you addressing me as Mr. Goenka, give me one chance to mend all mistakes, the entire property is yours, I don’t want anything, everything is yours. Akhilesh says I don’t want anyone’s alms. Manish says no, its not alms. Suwarna says you always kept family together, don’t do this. Manish asks how will you separate emotions, everything is yours, take everything, we don’t want anyone. Kartik says no Papa…. Naksh and Kirti are on the way. He says its limit, Naira should have not stayed there and come with us, sorry Kirti, I didn’t realize your pain. She says I have experience the sound of house shattering. He says sorry. She asks will my Maayka fall apart.

Kartik and Naira come downstairs. Kartik says you can’t give everything to Akhilesh, because I have a share in it as well, make sure the partition is fair, Dadi, mum, Kirti and Naira also have rights. Manish shouts Kartik, have you lost your mind. Kartik says we have to partition the house if Akhilesh isn’t agreeing. Naira says partition happens in every family. Kartik says lets end all problems at once, Akhilesh is having an issue, maybe someone else has issue tomorrow, lawyers are hired to do the assessment of property, so lets do this now, maybe Akhilesh and Surekha get this house, and we can get haveli and farmhouse. Manish asks what nonsense are you saying.

Akhilesh says he is saying right, I m glad that Kartik told this on right time and didn’t wait like me. He says I m proud of you, I agree with you, I want my share rightfully, I have hired lawyers, you can also give your suggestion. He asks Surekha shall we leave. Naira says yes, we must think about it, we also don’t want any alms, when everything is getting divided, house will also get divided, why are you leaving, stay here, our rights is ours, your rights is yours. Akhilesh says we have no choice, we can’t draw a line here. Kartik says lines are drawn in heart. Naira says we won’t draw a line that someone makes fun, but division will happen for sure. Kartik and Naira pray and get Devimaa idol. Kartik says you are Maa and know everything, bless us. Naira says until this issue is resolved, this portion is ours and that’s yours. Kartik says I hope everything gets resolved before Visarjan, everyone will be happy. Akhilesh lights diya and says please handle everything Maa.

Kartik makes Naira take medicines. He asks are you fine, we can go to doctor if you feel uneasy. She says no, we have won, we stopped Akhilesh and Surekha from leaving. He says thanks to you for support. She says I didn’t promise like you did, we have to win this battle. He says then you have to become strong, eat more for this. He feeds her. She says frogs are weaker than tigress, you should eat more, you have to take care of me, you must take care of yourself. Akhilesh says division will begin soon, it will start with the house, what, celebrations, okay.

Manish says what happened to Kartik, he came to ask for his share. Suwarna says they will try to solve it. He says everyone has lost their minds, I didn’t expect this from Kartik and Akhilesh, I trusted them blindly. Kartik and Naira come and apologize. Naira says demanding share was just an excuse. Kartik says we had to do this to convince Akhilesh, like you convince children to have medicines. Naira says we won’t do anything that breaks the family. Kartik says never think that we can stay without the family, we will always choose the family. Naia says our real wealth is family, those who are greedy for money are fools. Kartik says son’s main duty is to take care of dad’s responsibility, Akhilesh won’t leave house, our house won’t have a partition. Naira says Mata Rani can join the house, we are sure that she will help us. Manish, Dadi and Suwarna smile.

Dadi prays that her family doesn’t shatter. She says if two Garba events are happening in the same family, our respect will be ruined, what will people say.

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  1. I think yeh rishta is the only serial in world like no antagonist, no vengeance, no negativity, in this serial situation is the only villan, best casting, best bgm songs, best story, keep going, GOD bless ur entire crew, love u all

    1. I agreed with Suriyajyo Bless this serial!!!

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