Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya gets upset with Vicky on their first night

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satya telling that her daughters haven’t come till now and apologizes to Vicky, says she can’t do this marriage. Samar says Sasumaa..Satya says this is the matter of my daughters and gets up from the mandap and is opening the ghatbandhan shocking everyone. Jaya and Samar try to stop her, just then Kabir comes there calling Nani. Everyone is happy. Shikha and Jaya come with their husbands and apologize to Satya for not understanding her. They apologize to Vicky and our mamma couldn’t get better life partner than you. Samar asks them to get their marriage done fast. After the rounds, Pandit ji asks them to do the kanyadaan. Jaya says we will do the kanyadaan. Kundan bua says if daughters do mother’s kanyadaan. Jaya says when this marriage is special then is the

kanyadaan. Vicky makes her wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor to Satya’s forehead. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife. Kundan Bua thinks everything will be ruined. Nani tells Vicky that she knows that he will take care of her daughter very well. Samar teases Vicky.

During Grah pravesh, Bua taunts Jaya and Satya. Rama tells that they are family now. Samar asks jaya if she is happy? Jaya says very much. Bua thinks don’t know what will happen now, and thinks Rama will cry a lot.

Rama, Prabha and Bua come to room to drop Satya. Prabha likes the decoration and gets happy. Kundan Bua taunts that even her husband didn’t decorate the room like Vicky did in this age. They see Vicky and Satya’s pic when they danced in Prabha’s birthday party. Bua taunts Satya for her remarriage. Rama asks Satya to take rest and tell her if she needs anything. Prabha says all the best. Kundan Bua asks her to show college dance and says we heard that your dance was good. Rama asks her to come.

Samar asks Vicky to go to room. Vicky says he is nervous. Samar says everything will be fine and asks if he brought gift. Vicky says no, but he got the flowers of her choice. Samar asks him not to waste time and go inside. Vicky goes to room. Samar goes to Jaya. Vicky sees Satya taking out the flowers from the bed. She says I will take it out. Vicky says I thought to surprise you. Satya asks if this childishness looks good in this age and asks if it was Samar’s idea. Vicky says it was his idea. Satya says she was humiliated today and tells that she is feeling suffocated in the room. Vicky thinks how to convince her.

Samar comes to room. Jaya tells that she was remembering their marriage rituals etc. Samar asks if she remembered their suhaagraat and says you was busy on phone with your mamma and I slept on that night. He says mamma is here now. Jaya thanks him. Samar says he wants to be mischievous today, just then someone knocks on the door. Samar says it it is sasumaa then. Vicky is at the door. Samar opens the door. Vicky tells that Satya got angry after her decorated the room and bed. Samar asks him to control. Jaya asks what happened? Samar says Mamma got upset with Vicky Chacha. Vicky asks her to calm down Satya. Samar tries to stop Jaya, but she goes and asks him to come. Samar and Jaya go to room and see the decoration and Vicky loves Satya written on bed. Samar says what is over done is harmful. Jaya asks where is Mamma? Kundan Bua sees Satya going out in night and calls everyone. Vicky says it seems she is very upset with me. Kundan Bua asks why did she go so late in night. Jaya calls her, but she didn’t pick the call. Samar says they have a small argument. Kundan bua says she is like Jaya, even she used to go due to small issues, and says Satya can’t adjust here. Rama asks Samar to come and says we will bring Satya. Kundan Bua asks them to do duty of Satya and Jaya. Jaya says I will go with Samar. Vicky says I will come. Kundan Bua stops him. Jaya and Samar come to Nani’s house. Shikha says Mamma is in the room.

Precap: Everyone asks Satya to do the first rasoi. Satya says she made nutritious food for everyone. Vicky, Jaya, Samar and others look at Salad etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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