Gathbandhan 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak makes Tawre say sorry to Raghu

Gathbandhan 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai sees Dhanak cooking. Dhanak says Raghu likes this dish. Mai says you want to make him happy? you are dressed nicely and making food for him, matter with him solved? Dhanak says I just want to give him happiness, I am his wife. Mai says you are learning. Raghu comes there and sees Dhanak dressed in saree. He says you are looking like fairy. Mai says and me? Raghu says you are looking gorgeous. Dhanak offers him food. HE eats it and offers it to Mai. He offers it to Dhanak as well. Mai coughs. Raghu says to Mai that I want to give you money I earned. Mai says I dont need this earned money. Raghu says Tawre came to stall and tried to mess with me so I taught him a lesson. Mai laughs and says you are my son, she takes money from him. Raghu thinks she took my earned money with a lie. Dhanak

hears all that. Mai says my Raghu is still alive. Dhanak thinks I trust Raghu but why did Tawre came there?

Dhanak comes to room and sees Raghu trying to read english. She says I dont understand a thing, Dhanak laughs. Raghu says our language is simple. Dhanak says English is like that, she starts teaching him. Raghu makes smiley for him, she smiles at him.

Dhanak is working in station. Dhanak tells Tawre that she found two witnesses in Sharma’s case. Tawre calls commissioner and says I found two eye-witnesses in Sharma’s case. Dhanak is shocked. Tawre says I like to take credit, he asks about his case. Dhanak says you will go to jail, I give you a chance to say sorry to Raghu for misbehaving with Raghu. Tawre says your husband tells you everything like a kid? you want me to say sorry, I will do it for you, dont glare at me like that, I cant work like this. Dhanak is disgusted and thinks I will punish him for sure. She leaves. Tawre says she doesnt know that I dont bow down, she will know it today.

Scene 2
Sejal and Preeti are working to sell pickles. She says we got order of 20kgs. Mai comes there and says you cant do business in chawl without my permission. Sejal says women work in this chawl. Mai says but you are Dhanak’s sister. Maya starts breaking her things but Aslam comes there and stop her. Mai says you will stop me? She slaps him. Aslam says slap wont do anything, he gives her knife and says cut me but I am not moving from here. Mai attacks him but Maya stops her and says he has gone mad but you dont do anything, he is our man. Mai says you are Raghu’s friend thats why I am leaving you. Mai smirks at Aslam. Aslam smiles back.

Tawre, Dhanak and commissioner comes to market. Tawre says lets eat pav bhaji. Tawre whispers to Dhanak that I have to apologize to your husband. Dhanak thinks that Raghu doesnt like this uniform, Tawre has brought his team here, he will provoke Raghu.

Tawre and team comes to Raghu’s stall. Raghu glares at Tawre. Dhanak is tensed. Tawre calls for Raghu for order. Tawre asks Raghu to salute him. Raghu sadly looks at Dhanak and salutes him. Tawre gives order and says keep dishes clean. He whispers to Dhanak that your wife brought us all here, she said you make best pav bhaji otherwise I would never come here. Raghu glares at Dhanak. He goes to make bhaji. Dhanak comes to him and says I will help. Raghu says I dont need your help, you are not my wife in this uniform, you brought them here when you know I hate them. Dhanak says I didnt bring them.. Tawre.. Raghu asks her to go away. Dhanak sadly sits with her team. Raghu gives them pav bhaji. He brings it for Dhanak. She sadly takes it. Tawre starts coughing and throws bhaji. He grabs Raghu and says you have put too much spice in my bhaji as you wanted revenge. He grabs Raghu’s collar. Dhanak says he is not taking revenge but you. Commissioner says Tawre this is not a way to talk, Tawre says they dont listen in words. Commissioner says I loved pav bhaji, its tasty and spicy as I like it. Tawre leaves Raghu and says I didnt know you likes spice. Commissioner asks whats your name? Raghu says it doesnt matter. Dhanak says no you should get all praised. Dhanak says he is Raghu, he was a goon and no policeman could eye him but he left wrong path and started earning right way, she holds his hand and says I am proud to be his wife, I became an IPS because of him only. Commissioner says you are an inspiration for all of us. Raghu smiles at Dhanak. Dhanak says Tawre should apologize for the way he behaved. Commissioner says yes. Tawre murmurs sorry. Dhanak says say it with respect. Tawre looks at Raghu and says sorry. Dhanak says lets eat pav bhaji. She smiles at Raghu and says lets make pav bhaji. Raghu smiles and works with her. Tawre eyes them and glares.

PRECAP- Raghu says to Dhanak that I have to go my friend’s birthday party.
Raghu is enjoying women’s dance in party. Dhanak comes there. Raghu says why are you here? Dhanak says we will celebrate together. Raghu says yes. Dhanak romantically starts dancing with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I cannot fathom how Raghu is frightened by the khaki when he has seen it around all his life being a Don’s son??

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