Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu’s widows sena fool Ross in the tunnel

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The Episode starts with Manu stopping the water flow by keeping wood in the hole. Janki and Laccho come inside the tunnel and hear Manu telling widows that they have to do the work fast so that they can blast the railway. Manu senses someone presence and checks. Janki and Laccho Bai leave from there before Manu can see them. Janki appreciates Laccho Bai and says we shall inform Ross. She asks her to stand there so that nobody can come out from tunnel. She says I want Ross to catch Manu and her sena. Laccho Bai says she is a good spy and will watch out here. Kashi hears them and thinks to go from other way. Laccho Bai hears the noise and coming towards Kashi. Kashi makes meow sound. Laccho Bai get scared and goes. Tatya guru is digging the tunnel, when Kashi comes there and tells that Janki and Laccho have seen our tunnel. Manu is shocked.

Janki comes to Ross and asks how is the railway work going on. She thinks she will show his value to him. Ross asks why did you come? Janki says how to tell you easily, if the ground under your feet moves or you faint suddenly then what. She says she will tell slowly. Ross asks her to tell. Janki says there is a problem in your security and asks him to call her Maharani of Jhansi with respect. Ross thinks about Saimen threatening to suspend him and thinks he can take the chance. He calls her with respect as would be Maharani of Jhansi Janki Bai. Janki gets happy and tells him about the tunnel. Ross is shocked and asks his soldiers to come and says they have to raid the tunnel.

Tatya guru tells that britishers can come here at any time and Laccho Bai is standing outside. He tells that they have to leave from here. Manu says we have to leave. Manjiri asks her to go and says Maharaj shall not know that you are behind this tunnel and asks her not to worry. Tatya guru says Manjiri is right, you have to get out from here first. He says first I will take Manu and asks them to come out in pairs. Tatya guru, Manu and Kashi comes out. Laccho Bai doesn’t see them. Ross and the soldiers come there. Manu, Tatya Guru and Kashi hide. The widows are coming out and see Ross coming and go back inside the tunnel. Laccho tells Ross that the tunnel is behind the bushes and says even an insect couldn’t go from here. Ross comes near the tunnel and asks his soldiers to go inside.

The widows come to Manjiri and tell that britishers are coming there. Manjiri says we have to hide. Manu is shocked and tells Tatya guru that she will stop britishers. Tatya guru asks her not to worry and asks her to go to Palace and change her clothes first. He says only Jhansi’s maharani can save them. Manu says ok and goes. Manjiri and other widows set off the lamps in the tunnel. Ross, Smith and Robb along with the soldiers check the tunnel. Ross says not an inch shall be left. Manjiri and others reach the dead end.

Manu comes back to Palace. Tatya guru comes to her and says Ross is using all his british soldiers to enquire in tunnel. Manu says we have to stop all this. Gangadhar is far away standing in the other side of Palace balcony. Manu goes to him and asks how this britishers are enquiring and with whose permission. Gangadhar says I will talk to them. Tatya guru asks her to stay there. She says she is feeling guilty to hide this from him. Tatya guru says whatever you are doing is for your people’s betterment. The widows ask Manjiri what to do. Ross asks his soldiers to search at every corner. Smith tells Ross that there is a dead end in the front. Gangadhar reaches there and asks Janki and Laccho Bai what is happening. Janki says you was not believing us that night and asks him to see. All the british soldiers and Ross come out of tunnel. Janki says did you find anything. Ross says we couldn’t get anything in tunnel. Kashi comes to Manu and says britishers didn’t find our Sena. Manu smiles and thinks they might have used chalawa’s technique. She recalling teaching them to apply mud to their bodies and hide in such circumstances. Manjiri asks everyone to open their eyes. They recall how they fool Ross. Tatya guru tells Manu that he will take them out.

Gangadhar comes there and tells that someone made tunnel outside the Palace so he asked Ross to close it. Ross is getting the tunnel closed. The widows get worried and tell manjiri that they will die due to suffocation. Manjiri asks them to trust Manu and says we shall continue making the tunnel. Manu is restless and thinks she shall tell everything to Gangadhar to save her women sena. Gangadhar thinks why he has a feeling that she is restless. Manu is going to Maharaj. Tatya guru stops her and says if you tell the truth to Maharaj then it will be difficult for you to fight freedom war, and tells that he will do something. Kashi comes to Manu and asks her not to worry and eat something. Manu says they are stuck in the tunnel and you are asking me to have food. She says she can’t. The widows are digging the tunnel. One of the widow feels suffocation and falls down. Manjiri asks them to give some air moving their clothes. The widows feel that they will die. Manjiri asks them to think positive and says nothing will happen.

Janki tells Ross that how he couldn’t find anyone in the tunnel. Ross says your information was not right. Janki says I left Laccho Bai there and she had said that nobody come out from the tunnel. Ross says she can lie to you. Janki says she can, but she will not lie as she knows that if she wants to stay then she has to support me. Ross asks what do you mean, that I am lying. Janki says I can’t believe how you didn’t get anyone. Ross says we, british are not stupid. He laughs. Janki asks if he got any attack or got mad.

Kashi says if you can’t have food then drink atleast water. Gangadhar looks at manu from his room. Manu is about to drink water and is teary eyes. She thinks if anything happens to anyone then I can’t forgive myself. Gangadhar thinks she is hiding something from me.

Precap: Manu asks Gangadhar to save her women sena. Gangadhar asks Ross to open the tunnel and folds his hand. The widows come out. Ross asks who told you about the tunnel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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