Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Proposes Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya reaches a restaurant to meet Samar and sees whole restaurant empty. Samar enters and asks if he is too late. She says she just same 5 minutes ago and asks why restaurant is empty. He says he booked whole…then says it is weekday today, so it is empty. He starts chatting nervously. She gives Naani’s rajma chawal. He gives her chole poori. She says it is her favorite, how does he know. He says he saw her having it during wedding. She asks why did he call her. Rama calls him just then and asks propose Jaya soon. Satya calls Jaya and asks where is she. She says Samar has called her to a restaurant. Jaya asks why did he call her, finish work soon and return soon. Their discussion continues. Rama calls Samar again. He goes aside. She asks why did not he propose

Jaya yes. He asks how to tell her that he loves her a lot and wants to spend life with her. Rama asks to don’t hesitate and speak. He turns and sees Jaya standing in front of her. Jaya hears his whole conversation. He says he likes her a lot and wants to spend rest of life with her, kneels down and showing ring asks will she marry him. She is shocked and says no. Musicians stop music. He asks why. She says if she had know he called her for this, she would not have come, he is a good boy, but she is not yet prepared for marriage. She leaves while he sits disheartened.

Samar returns home. Rama asks if he proposed Jaya. He describes her whole incident and walks to his room sadly. Jaya also reaches home. Satya asks why did Samar meet her. She says some calculation was missing, so he met her. Naani asks who gained and who lost. Jaya says nobody, now it is clear and she will not meet Samar again. Samar reminisces Jaya sadly whole night. Jaya also does same.

Satya walks to Jaya’s room and asks to tell truth why Samar met her. She crosses her fingers. Satya catches her and asks to tell only truth. Jaya says she did not know Samar would do this, hugs her and says he called her to restaurant and proposed for marriage. Satya asks to give his phone number. Jaya says she deleted it. Satya says she will find out herself. Jaya says she remembers and repeats number, saying Samar is a very nice boy. Satya calls Samar. Rama picks it. Satya says she is Jaya’s mother speaking. Rama asks how is she, she felt nice hearing. Satya rudely asks to give phone to Samar. Samar takes phone. Satya asks him to meet her tomorrow. He nervously says okay and asks why. She disconnects call before that..

Precap: Satya asks Samar if he will marry Jaya. He says yes. Satya addresses young girls and congratulates them that Rama is not their saas and hopes Rama did not feel bad. Rama says she would have if she was Satya’s daughter’s saas. Satya says she is happy that she is not her daughter’s saas.

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