Udaan 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Suraj unite with Anjor

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor coming home and seeing Anjor. They smile and recall Saanvi. They open arms to hug her. Anjor runs to her parents. She hugs Sugna and tells everything. She says Imli blackmailed me and made me lie, Chakor didn’t do anything, she is really good, she saved my life. Sugna says Imli got arrested, we have send her to jail. Gumaan says Imli has gone to jail. Sugna says Chakor had to save you, she is your mum, I have just raised you, Chakor is your real mum, Suraj is your dad. Anjor recalls Chakor and Suraj, their first meet. Sugna says Imli snatched you from them and gave you to me, I didn’t give you birth and just raised you for 7 years, I had hidden this, because Imli would have killed you. Suraj and Chakor cry and open arms for Saanvi. Sugna asks Anjor to go and

hug them. Anjor gets happy and runs to them. She hugs them. Suraj and Chakor kiss her. Tejaswini cries and says Anjor is our Saanvi, she was in front of us and we didn’t identify her. Chakor asks Anjor to greet Tejaswini. Tejaswini hugs Anjor. Suraj apologizes to Gumaan for doubting on him.

Suraj says Imli has troubled us so much, she accepted her crimes, forgive me, you are really good. Gumaan’s mum says he is the best, I gave him good values. Chakor recalls his tortures. Gumaan apologizes to Chakor. Sugna says I have always given love to Anjor, forgive me if I did any mistake, I will go. Anjor runs to her and asks her not to go. Sugna says I will try to come and meet you. Anjor says you won’t go. Suraj says you gave love to her for 7 years, we can’t let you go this way, if you go, we can’t pay for your favor, you stay with us as our family member, I promise you won’t have any problem here. Chakor says yes, Anjor is your daughter as well, she will break down if you go. Tejaswini says stay back Sugna, this haveli is big. Suraj says this is your house from today. Tejaswini asks her to agree. Sugna agrees and hugs Anjor.

Gumaan thinks Imli saved me, she may have something in her mind, I have to meet her. Suraj and Chakor get Anjor to room. Anjor gets glad seeing the toys. Anjor asks is this my room. Suraj says yes. They make plans to go out and enjoy. Anjor says this will end the day, when will I stay in this beautiful room if I go out, I will stay in your lap. They laugh. Gumaan comes to jail and meets Imli. She asks won’t you thank me, I took all blame on me and gave you a new life. He says I know well. She says I want a price for saving your life, you will fulfill my incomplete dream, ruin Chakor and her happy family. He says I will do this and pay for your favor. She says then promise me, you will ruin Chakor and Aazaadgunj, ruin them in such a way that the entire world remembers. He promises and says it will happen as you want, tell me what to do now. She tells her plan. She says this will be last attack on Aazaadgunj, it will ruin everything. He nods. Gumaan asks his brothers to leave from Aazaadgunj soon, just Suraj and his family should be here. Chakor says I think Gumaan is with Imli. Suraj says Gumaan wasn’t responsible for this. She says I wish I had proof, I have seen his true face, which you didn’t see.

Gumaan says I want to see big destruction here, there should be someone to celebrate when their world gets ruined. Chakor says Gumaan would know about Imli’s doings, its Imli’s new plan, we were not here, we don’t know what they have done here in our absence, Gumaan managed this house, but you can thank him by giving property. Suraj says you maybe right, if you don’t want Gumaan and his family to stay here, this will happen, I will talk to Gumaan. Tejaswini comes and says Gumaan’s entire property is leaving the house. Suraj rushes. Gumaan says I have fulfilled your responsibility in your absence, you have returned now, I will go now, I think you were ready for this, Chakor is doubting and insulting me, its better that I go, my decision is right, don’t worry. Suraj thanks him for favors and offers help. Gumaan hugs him. Chakor thinks I know its his plan, I won’t let him succeed.

Chakor and Suraj leave for Banaras. Gumaan asks his goons to kill everyone in haveli. Anjor runs to Tejaswini. Chakor and Suraj find Garima injured. Garima asks them to save Aazaadgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode but I wished to see some Sukor romance before the drama restarts or at least show Chakor enter her bedroom for the first time after 7 years and Sukor cuddling together or waking in each other’s arms.
    Letting Sugna and Keshu stay was the right decision.
    Why does Imli have to be the brains, Ghumaan could’ve come up with the plan himself.

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