Siddhi Vinayak 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra saves Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra is thinking of Siddhi. You are my most precious toy. I love playing with you. The way I did puja with you in front of everyone, I will make you wear this toe ring in a similar manner. I will make you wear it in front of everyone.

Prachi is busy loosening the chain of chandelier from the hook.

Rudra thinks it is just the beginning of the process to come closer to you. I am getting restless day by day. I will come so close one day that you wont be able to stop me. The day isn’t far when I will control your life and you will fulfil my wishes!

Manjari is irked to see Prachi take too much time. Siddhi has scared me a lot. I wont scare her though. I will send her to God directly. Prachi manages to unwind the chain from the hook. I know Tai and I don’t get along

but I am her real sister after all. How can I kill her?

Manjari asks Siddhi to prepare the diya for the puja if her jaap is done. Siddhi sits down to prepare the diya. Rudra is coming downstairs. Prachi loosens the chandelier upon Manjari’s signal. Siddhi is sitting right under it. Rudra sees it coming and runs to hold the other end. He shouts Siddhi’s name. Everyone looks up in shock. Manjari is irritated to see Rudra saving his love once again. What do I do about him! Vin rushes to save Siddhi. Gauri drops the plate in shock. Vin pulls Siddhi to safety. Prachi stands on the stairs. Vin rushes to help Rudra. Rajvir and Shankar also come there and see the brothers holding the chain together.

Rudra ties the chain on the railing. Vin hugs his brother. You did a very big favour on me by saving Siddhi’s life. I am forever obliged to you now. Manjari suggests Vin to take Siddhi in her room. She looks so shaken up. Vin takes Siddhi to their room. Prachi looks tensed. Rudra is glaring at his mother. I know you are behind all this. Manjari thinks he saved her again.

Manjari is upset that her plan failed again because of Rudra. The plan was so nice but Rudra is aggravating the problems for me. I wont let my next plan fail. I will send Siddhi to her destination real soon. Rudra holds her by her neck. I warned you not to hurt Siddhi again. You tried to kill my Siddhi. Wait and watch what I will do to you now! Manjari tells him to let go of her. Vin and Siddhi have become one. You wont get anything. Rudra calls her mad. No one can snatch Siddhi from Rudra. Do you understand? He lifts her a bit holding her angrily by her neck.

Vin is concerned for Siddhi but she assures him she is fine. He says Bappa saved you today or I would hav e lost you. I wont be able to live without you. She tells him not to worry. I am perfectly fine. I wont go anywhere leaving you. They share a hug and say I love you to each other.

Rudra lets go of his mother. She coughs. You can talk big but you wont be able to go near Siddhi till the time Vin is with her. Rudra says it is true. Kill Vin and everything will be fine.

Vin is thankful to Rudra for saving Siddhi. He has become God for me.

Rudra says Siddhi and I will be single once Vin dies. Marry me to Siddhi then. I will become the groom and enjoy first night with Siddhi. Manjari tells him not to be mad. You just came out of jail after 10 years. Do you want to go back for 14 years now?

Vin asks Siddhi to meet Rudra once for his sake. thank him for what he did today. He has become God for me today. She agrees.

Next morning, Manjari cries thinking Shankar hasn’t raised his hand on her over all the years they have been married. Vin does my puja. He can never even think of something like this. I was mad to get this snake like Rudra home!

Siddhi comes to Rudra’s room and finds him caressing her photo. How dare you put my photo in your room? she tears it. I came here to thank you because Vinu wanted me to. You don’t deserve a thank you though. He tells her thank you wasn’t necessary. I was just thinking about you and you are here. You will hug / kiss me after what I will tell you just now. She warns him not to take a step further. I am disgusted with people like you! He tells her to relax. I will clear away all the misunderstandings today. The chandelier wasn’t falling on its own. It was a well planned move by my mother and your own sister Prachi. Siddhi’s eyes widen in shock. She loosened the chain upon Ma’s asking so the chandelier falls on you. Siddhi is in disbelief. Prachi is with Ma? Rudra tells her that no one else is with her except him. I can go against my mother and the world for you. Will you come with me? She says you are so cheap. I came to thank you but you don’t even deserve to be cursed! She begins to go but he stops her. You came here to thank me empty handed? There are 1000 other ways to thank though. He walks closer and she backs off. You thank people you are thankful to and not animals like you! She leaves. Rudra says your picture does not say / react like you do in person. Till when will you run away from me? You will be mine one day! I will not just come closer to you, I will leave my mark on you this time!

Shankar gives a script to Rajvir to read and decide. Don’t remain stuck in Bhojpuri nowadays.

Siddhi is massaging Vin’s hair. He calls her magician. Siddhi asks Gauri to give oil to her. Gauri sends Prachi instead. Siddhi wonders why Gauri is avoiding her. Rudra looks at Siddhi and Vin. She is unhappy to even come closer to me. See how closely I will sit now. He pretends to have headache. Vin makes him sit in his place and asks Siddhi to massage his head. Prachi comes back with oil and is confused seeing Rudra in Vin’s place. Rudra points at his head. Siddhi tells him not to be too smart. I understand everything. He accepts he is smart. I want to be your servant though. He holds her feet and tries to make her wear the toe ring. She struggles with him but he is holding her feet too firmly. The toe ring falls in opposite direction. Vin comes from that very direction holding a bowl of ice cream. His spoon falls down. Manjari looks on.

Precap: Rudra warns his mother not to come between him and Siddhi. I only came here to get Siddhi. You know it very well! Let people find out I don’t care! Siddhi shouts his name seeing him holding Manjari by her neck. Manjari and Rudra look at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…OMG Rudra saved Siddhi..ab Rudra, Manjari ko Kya haal karenge…hahaha..Siddhi u r amazing..

  2. Vinu maa aur bhai ke pyar main ithna andha kyu hai..Siddhi se pyaar karti hai but believe nahi..

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