Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Goes To Maika Again

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya complains Samar that Jyoti purposefully acted as spraining her leg to stop Jaya’s dance. Samar says she is mistaken. Jaya says maa told her and maa is always right. Samar says he understood right, for her her mother is always right. Jaya continues arguing and leaves with her bag. Dadaji comes to give shagun to Jaya for organizing dance party and asks where is she. Samar says went to her maika. Whole family gathers and discuss who goes to maika for simple reason. Samar says she has gone earlier also.

At Satya’s house, Naani scolds Jaya that she should not have come for simple reasons. Satya says Jaya did right. Shikha and Anjali back Satya and says Jyoti should not have done that and Jaya did right. Naani says Satya will get her 3rd daughter also divorced

for simple reasons, Satya orders her daughters to obey her, but she never ordered Satya to obey her. Jaya looks at mobile. Shikha and Anjali continue brainwashing her. Door bell rings. Satya opens door and sees Samar with whole family, asks them to come in. Dadaji says he wants to speak to Jaya, walks in and asks her to show her dance performance. He says Samar was dancing alone. Samar slowly says he did not. Dadaji says yes, whole family backs Dadaji and insists Samar to dance. Naani plays music. Samar and Jaya dance on Jhoot Bole Kawwa Kaate song. Whole family dances with them. After performance, Dadaji gives shagun to Jaya and says let us go home now. Shikha says let her stay here tonight she will come tomorrow. Naani says Jaya will go with her family and loos at Satya. Satya finally accepts Naani’s words and says maa is right, Jaya will go to her sasural right now. Whole family leaves.

Jaya after returning home tries to speak to Samar. Samar says he has to wake up early in the morning for office and sleep. Satya calls Jaya and asks if she reached home. Jaya says yes and sadly says Samar is not talking to her, she should not have left home for silly reason. Satya says Samar will be alright by morning and says she should not feel guilty as her in-laws are wrong,, so they came to take her back, if they are showing their greatness, even she should not feel small and guilty.

Next morning, Samar wakes up and does not find Jaya, gets nervous thinking if she went to her maika again and relaxes seeing her bag present. Jaya serves tea to family. Samar walks down. Chachaji cracks joke to cheer up Samar. Samar sits sadly looking at Jaya and tells Rama she needs tea. Jaya serves tea. Samar says he does not need it. Jyoti senses their tension and takes family members from there. Jaya asks if he is still angry on her. He says he is late for office and walks away.

Precap: Jaya sends flower bouquet to Samar. Samar writes a note to meet him at Khana Khazana restaurant at 5 p.m. and sends it back to her. She gets sad misunderstanding him.

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