Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim turns aggressive

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The Episode starts with Salim saying sorry, Murad got drunk a lot. Rukaiya thinks these fools couldn’t get Salim drunk. Murad falls down. Daniyal makes him sit. Salim sees Akbar and says my friend will also dine with me. Jodha asks Mahabat to come. Akbar asks everyone to have food. Anarkali gets kheer. Salim looks at her. Rukaiya asks Anarkali to wash everyone’s dirty hands. Anarkali takes water for everyone. Salim looks on. Anarkali helps him wash hands. He feels bad. Jodha asks Salim to have food. Everyone eats food. Anarkali sees Salim and turns away. Akbar says this palace looks like a home after 12 years, Salim has returned, I want Salim to look after kingdom, Salim is would be king.

Salim says sorry, I didn’t come to rule here, someone has sent me letter that my mum is unwell, I have come for my mum. Ammijaan scolds him. Murad asks for water. Anarkali serves him. He asks for more. She turns to go. He holds her hand and asks for more. Salim gets angry. He goes to Murad and angrily feeds him. Everyone gets shocked. Akbar goes to stop Salim. Salim turns and raises hand. He stops. Everyone gets shocked. Rukaiya smiles. Salim says sorry, enemy attacks from behind in war ground, so I raised hand. He leaves. Akbar fumes and stops Jodha. Rukaiya says don’t worry, I will go and talk to Salim. Jodha says Akbar is very angry, he can take wrong decision, just you can talk to him. Ammijaan looks on. Rukaiya asks Firdaus to come in this game now, Salim is worried now, you will be beautiful excuse for him, go to him. Khanam gives wine. Rukaiya says Salim shouldn’t get out of this addiction.

Firdaus comes to charm Salim. He says I want to stay alone, leave. She asks did I do any mistake. Anarkali says Salim did a big crime, if Akbar sends him away again. She prays for Salim. Husna asks are you not worried for yourself. Khala says it was Anarkali’s mistake. Husna says Murad misbehaved with her. Khala says servants aren’t humans. Salim says everyone worries for prince Salim here, I have no one here. Firdaus tries to woo him. Khala scolds Anarkali. Anarkali says I will ask Salim to apologize to Akbar, I will ask Akbar to punish me, not Salim. Khala says Lord has already punished you by sending you in a poor house, your enemy is your beauty, war happens because of beauty, swear on me, you won’t interfere. Anarkali swears.

She cries and hugs Khala. Akbar fights a wild elephant. He gets hurt. He says I will control this elephant, there is no place for wild animals in my palace or province. He chains the elephant and climbs over his back. He controls the elephant. Ammijaan comes to praise him. Akbar recalls Salim. He says I will defeat anyone who stands against me. She says Salim did that mistake unknowingly. Akbar says yes, I will do this intentionally now. Anarkali says I will not meet Salim, Khala says right, a maid and prince can’t be friends, its better I stay away. Salim gets away. Husna says problems are coming as you are away from Salim. Anarkali cries. Jodha comes. Anarkali asks her to sit. Jodha says a mum has come here, whatever happened, Akbar is very angry, Salim is stubborn, you can help me.

Anarkali asks how can I help. Jodha says go and explain Salim, I request you. Anarkali says don’t say this. Jodha says you are Salim’s friends, I know he returned home after reading your letters, go and explain him, he has to apologize to his dad, if Akbar sends him away, my life will also go this time. Khala worries and nods to Anarkali. Anarkali says don’t worry, I will talk to Salim.

Anarkali comes to Salim. Rukaiya learns about robbers. She asks Khanam to send Anarkali out of palace.

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