Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya is about to burn Mohini’s kechuli/skin

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini applying ittar to her hands. Maha Maya says from where this smell is coming. Mohini applies ittar to her body. Bhujang says all idols are ready, we shall do puja. Mohini takes the ittar bottle. Bhujang says we will soon leave for Mata Mansa’s temple and asks them to celebrate Naag Utsav till then. The all humanly snakes dance. Mohini checks the time and thinks I shall not be late and brings money plant pot. She starts making snake idol. Bhujang sprinkles milk on everyone and does the puja.

Mohini hears someone coming there and hides the pot and the mud. Bhujang prays to Naag devta and Maa Mansa. He sees the diya about to set off and thinks she has less time, if she couldn’t make idol then she can’t do puja. He says our hopes are on her. Maha Maya comes to Mohini’s room and asks what type of ittar you apply or chuna. Mohini says I am getting sneezes since I felt the smell and sneezes. Maha Maya holds her hand and says I caught you red handed while you was making idol. She asks did you make Naag Devta’s idol. Mohini says surely I will show you what I made? She breaks Naag’s idol and makes Nevla’s idol. She shows the idol to her and says she made Nevla’s idol as she has heard that Nevla’s hunger gets increases and it eats snake alive. Maha Maya says I will be happy when this Nevla eats snakes. She says it will be enjoyable to see Nevlas chewing snakes. Mohini says it will happen.

Adhiraj comes and says your truth came out infront of me and says your drama is over infront of me. He makes Nevla idol fall down and smashes it under his feet. He says your drama is over and takes the mud pot and the broken Nevla idol from there. Maha Maya says Adhiraj has ruined your plans and asks do you have any objection as I sat down. Mohini says no. She thinks to reach the temple before 1 am and prays to Maha Mansa to help her.

Maha Maya laughs and says Mansa Mata help us and says what do they think that Mata Mansa will come when they call her. Mohini says they are weak and that’s why needs God’s help. Maha Maya says they need my help and not God’s help. Mohini says whoever is in your shelter is safe. Maya maya says but you are not in my shelter. Mohini asks why you are doubting on me. Adhiraj comes there and shows snake skin. Maha maya asks from where did you get it? Adhiraj says this is some insider snake skin. Mohini thinks how did I do this big mistake, what her clan will think that she couldn’t handle her own kechuli. Maha Maya says the snakes are stupid to leave their mind also. She asks him to bring the fire and says I want to see who will save this skin, Mata Mansa or coward bhujang. Adhiraj brings havan box. Maha Maya prays to evil god and brings the fire. She says when I kept this kechuli in the havan fire then that naag and naagin will appear infront of me. She asks Mohini if she knows this. Mohini prays to Mata mansa and Naag devta.

Bhujang sees Mohini’s name diya are about to set off and the thunder storm striking. He thinks if Mohini is in some problem. He sees Mohini in trouble and praying. He says Mohini is in danger. Bhujang sends the white smoke from there. Maha Maya says just as I throw this in havan kund, then the snake will come crawling to us and will be pained. Adhiraj says I am restless to see that snake. Maha Maya is about to burn the skin in the evil fire.

Precap: Maha Maya tells that she will kill Mohini if she is a snake. Bhujang asks everyone to pray for Mohini. Boy says he made the idol, but it breaks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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