Choti Sardarni 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher runs from home

Choti Sardarni 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The wedding planner shares things with Meher. Meher says please go from here. Amrita says Meher here is your dress. Everyone is preparing outside. Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana I hope this Tara doesn’t care a problem for us. And keep an eye on your sister.
Meher’s friend Bubly calls her. She says you forgot me with manav as well? Congratulations on your wedding. I met Sharma and he told me Manav is missing. Meher says Manav.. Bubbly says what happened? Did you fight? Why are you marrying Sarab? If you were lost, Manav would move the universe to find you. Tell me what happened. Meher recalls and says Manav might be alive. I will find you Manav. she runs downstairs.

Amrita collides with someone. she doesn’t see meher going out. Param gets ready. He sees Sarab and copies him. He dresses just like Sarabjeet. Param says we are matching. Khushi says the color is so bad. Meher would call you monkey. Param says papa do I look like monkey? Sarab says no you look so handsome. He says call new mummy and ask her. I won’t wear it until she says. Sarab says how can I call her. He says I want to talk to her. Sarab gives him phone and speaks to him in women voice. He says you would look so handsome. Param says I love you new mummy. Sarab comes in. Parama says papa new mummy likes this color.

Param says I don’t have photo with new mummy. I will take photo with you two first. Meher walks on the road. Param sees her and says papa Param’s mom is there she going somewhere. SArba doesn’t look. He says she is in photo.
Meher walks on the road. She screams and cries. Meher looks for him everywhere.

Sarab comes to Meher’s house. Kulwant welcomes them. Meher comes to the bridge where Manav was thrown. She screams and cries.
Param says I want a photo with my mum. Kulwant says I will get you a photo with her. Param says my dad would go too. Meher sees manav’s handkerchief.

yuvi says to Param I wont’ let you o inside. She is my bua. Param pees. Yuvi makes fun on him. Sarab takes param from there. Jagga apologizes. He comes and looks for Meher. Rana says have you seen her? Jagga says yes I have, you. Jagga looks for Meher.
Meher walks in the water. She swims to find Manav. Meher sees Manav. She swims to him. Meher tries to hold his hand. Manav huggs her. He moves away from her. Kulwant comes to room and says where is meher.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I will so very disappointed is Mehar Marries Sarab without telling him the truth about Manav and baby ..

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