Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya asks Adhiraj to find Mohini’s truth

Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini feeling pain in her body when Adhiraj brings loban smoke near her room. She coughs and finds her body becoming scaly. She thinks to search her raksha ittar and searches for it. She opens the window, but more smoke comes inside. She falls down. She thinks today is the poonam night, I have to change my kechuli/skin now. Adhiraj knocks on the room asking her to open the door. Mohini becomes Naagin and is about to shed her skin. Rani scolds Jaichand for reading Naagin books. Adhiraj asks her to open the door and gets angry. Maha Maya looks at the captive snakes and says whatever Adhiraj say and do are always right, say something is wrong with the girl and asks the captive snakes to tell who is she and from where she came? She asks why I couldn’t identify her truth like I identified her truth. She asks the captive snake to say and shouts calling Adhiraj. Adhiraj is about to break Mohini’s room door and runs to Maha Maya hearing her scream. Maha Maya asks him to throw the thing and says this thing shall not be near me or this haveli. He throws the thing from the window. Maha Maya says you have to make sure. Mohini leaves her skin and gets new skin. She thinks everyone must be making idol and here, I am not making idol and prays to the snake God. She says if I couldn’t see you then my promise can’t be fulfilled. She says I have to make murti anyhow. She thinks to search raksha ittar anyhow and looks at the moon. Her old skin flies with air just as she goes.

Bhujang and other snake men and women are making snake idols. Bhujang puts garland on his snake idol and starts doing puja. He says naag panchmani brought unique mahurat and says such mahurat comes once in many years. He says Mata Mansa wants to tell that she is with us. Mohini comes out and looks at herself in the mirror. She appears as snake in the mirror and thinks to search the ittar bottle anyhow. She searches it, but couldn’t get it. She finds it kept in the hall and Jaichand and Rani are also there.

Jaichand reads a horror story of Dayan and shivers. Rani asks what happened? Jaichand calls her Dayan and asks her to move. Rani says you are doing this because of these books and throws the books near the ittar bottle. She picks it and says I got something unique. Jaichand asks her to throw it. Rani says may be it is having Maha Maya’s perfume and says she will not throw. Jaichand runs behind her asking her to throw. Vaidehi thinks she has to do something to get it. Rani asks Jaichand to leave her hand and says she will throw his books also with the bottle. She takes all the books. Just then door bell rings. She asks who is here? The courier guy asks if she is Rani and says she has won a prize in the contest. Rani says yes and asks for the prize. She gives books and ittar in his hand and takes the prize box. The courier guy is none other than Mohini. Mohini comes inside. Rani asks where did you go and asks did you see courier guy? Mohini says he left. Rani kisses the gift.

Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that she is seeing that he can’t believe her. Adhiraj says she is not girl. Maha maya says she is icchadhari naagin, I know if she is Naagin then she will do kuldevta’s puja and will make the idol in 6 mins. She gives him 6 mins to find out.

Bhujang says 6 mins left now, today it is the test of her bhakti. He prays to Mata Mansa and asks for her mercy. He says it won’t be easy for her as Maha Maya and Vulture’s eyes are on her. Vasudha and Chander asks him to trust and says nothing will happen to her. Bhujang prays to Mata mansa and asks her to give strength to Mohini so that she can make murti in 6 mins. Mohini comes to room and comes in naagin’s attire. She takes the liquid in her hands and applies it. Maha Maya comes out and hears Rani asking Jaichand to bring the perfume. She says she wants the perfume. Maha maya asks about the smell. Jaichand says she applied some useless perfume. Maha Maya feels the smell of the ittar.

Precap: Maha Maya tells that she has to show her truth to bring out her truth. She tells Adhiraj that she will kill her if she is naagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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