Hamari Bahu Silk 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Natasha blames someone else for getting Pakhi drunk

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Baa and Mosmi question Janki why Pakhi didn’t return. Pinky comes to drop Pakhi home. Pakhi denies his help and says she will go inside on her own. She was badly drunk and feels dizzy and nauseatic. She holds some chilies in hands and takes them for free. She sits in a corner and eat the chilies raw, while crying.

At home, Mosmi says she always doubt Pakhi. They can’t trust a girl who is always out of house at night. Mamta says she might be stuck in traffic. Mosmi wonders if her phone is also struck.

Outside, Pakhi smells her clothes. She wonders if she had wine. How she will go home in such a state. It was 9.30pm. Pakhi enters the house. Everyone stuffs their nose with cloth piece. Baa inquires what this all is. Pakhi was filled in cow dung. She tells Baa she slipped in the cow dung, she had gone to temple. Baa tells her to go and wash herself. Naksh offers to help Pakhi wash everything off.

In the washroom, Naksh asks Pakhi if there was some lightening when she had fallen. God has shown her right place today. Pakhi says Naksh must be extremely happy that she is filthy. Naksh says she only fall in cow dung, she needn’t be emotional. He could smell wine and asks what this is. Pakhi says there are only two people here. She remembers police had already caught her one before. Naksh says it was also some of Pakhi’s trick. He believes one gets filthy only when he wills, else no one can do any harm. He leaves the bathroom.

Naksh awaits Silk’s call in his room. He wonders why he should wait for her call, he isn’t concerned.
In the room, Janki was angry at the family for never trusting Pakhi. She only got half an hour late, and everyone was blaming her character adversely. She asks Pakhi if she wants to eat something. Pakhi replies she isn’t hungry. In the bathing shower, Pakhi sits under the shower and cries wondering what is this all.

Naksh decides to call her by himself.

Pakhi comes to the room and holds Ayi’s feet, apologizing. Pakhi spots Naksh’s call, she walks to the washroom again and takes the call. Naksh was annoyed that she didn’t take the call. He notices Silk was tensed and says troubles decrease when shared. Silk says it’s nothing. Naksh asks about her favorite dishes. She cuts the call, as she breaks into tears. Naksh thinks she was surely tensed, he wish to be around him.

Pakhi comes to Natasha’s apartment early morning. She hurries inside. Natasha was scolding an assistant director that she is her friend, he can’t mix anything in her juice. She expels him from the set as well. Natasha turns around, then tells Pakhi he is the culprit. The assistant director apologizes Pakhi by touching her feet, and takes money from Pinky before leaving. Natasha tells Pakhi not to take any troubles over herself, in their industry wine is normal. Pakhi tells Natasha she won’t come to any nights shoots again. Natasha asks if she will be available for day time shoots. Pakhi replies she will, she will have to manage her dual life anyway.

In the kitchen, Baa asks Pakhi where she had gone early morning. Pakhi replies vegetable had ended. Baa warns Pakhi not to repeat yesterday’s mistake, she must be in time. She gives the list of dishes to Pakhi, then notices Naksh still didn’t come. He is happy while doing photography. She wishes that Naksh enjoys cooking as well. If Pakhi is unable to do this… Pakhi says she knows she won’t be allowed in the house then. Pakhi decides to improve her mood, as she has to work. She becomes Silk for Naksh to bring him to work, dials his number and reads the list. Naksh was quizzical. Silk says this is what she likes, the question he asked last night. Naksh was happy that the crisp in her voice was back, he was troubled because of her and wished to be around her last night. He asks the reason of her worry.

Rimjhim comes to the hall with complains of sour throat and fever. She goes to prepare tea for her with ginger.
Naksh tells Silk it will surely take her time to trust him. She doesn’t even trust him to share her name, but he is a good friend. He isn’t like that boss who stabbed him on his back. Pakhi silently thinks she didn’t break his trust. Silk says sometimes there are misunderstandings, maybe she had some liabilities. He should try to see from her perspective. Pakhi turns around and was shocked to see Mosmi behind.

PRECAP: On the set, people insult Silk. Silk disgraces them on mic, and says filthiness lies in the eyes of beholders.

Update Credit to: Sona

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