Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Court hearing against Shan

Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan says I miss you Puchki. I promise you I will smile for you.
The court hearing starts. Lawyer says I want asmita in witness box. Asmita comes in the witness box. He asks Asmita what is your relation with ridoy? Asmita says he is my ex-husband. We are good friends now. Lawyer says wow, good friends? How do you have everything so pure? You married Ridoy, then had an extramarital relationship. You have a baby with Ridoy too. Asmita says this case isn’t about me. He says you arrested Shan right? Asmita says yes I did. He says why? ASmita says I thought he killed Ridoy but he was exonerated. And Ridoy is alive.

Lawyer calls Ridoy in witness box. He says did your brother Shan tried killing you? Did he shove you. Yes or no? Ridoy says yes. Lawyer says Shan had a fight with you right? What was it about? Ridoy says that’s between us and it is resolved now. It has nothing to do with this case. Lawyer says what happened between two brothers that one had to shove another. ridoy says his intention wasn’t to kill me. Ridoy says it is long gone. Lawyer says it was because of Asmita right? Tell us right. Ridoy says yes. He says I loved asmita. I and Shan had a fight. but me falling from there was an accident. Lawyer says the brother is trying to save Shan now. THe thing is, Shan tried killing Ridoy because he came between asmita and him. And now Shivankar. Nothing is more important than his relationship and anyone who comes in between, he kills that person. He is psyscho and a danger to society. ASmita says all you are about is dialogues. You don’t have any proof.

Basu says I have proof. Two policemen bring in a box. Judge opens it and screams. It’s a snake. Aditya shoots it. He says this is a fake snake. Judge says what are you doing Basu. He says I was trying to prove my point with a drama I think asmita likes it this way. This snake was a threat to you. So you tried killing it. Shivankar was a threat to shan. so he killed Shivankar. The court is adjourned till lunch.

Nandani says to asmita, did you choose the rope? Asmita says I wont’ need it. Nandani says this overconfidence. Shan will be convicted. He would be hung. Only I can save him. Save him in love, sometimes you have to lose. Beg to me. Or you know if I can kill my dad, I can kill anyone. Choose what do you want. asmit says I am a police officer and i don’t bow to wrong. Nandani says if this is what you choose for him, then okay.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Leisa s morris

    So twice nandini admitted to killing her dad and not once asmitas got any physical proof of it. Is dis how police officers wrk? A woman killed her dad to get a man dat would never b hers even if asmita leaves and goes away. A father who sold his own blood into prostitution willingly allow his step daughter to kill him so she can get said man SMH. This series is just too much wei

  2. Why didn’t Ridoy and Asmita tell the truth that Mouni isn’t their daughter. Also Ridoy and Asmita were never married!! WHY do the writer’s always forget everything? This court drama is such a joke

  3. Mujhe nahi lagta ridoy real Mai itna Chang hua hai.nandini ke sath usne haat milaya hai? Akhir nivi evil ki ladla beta hai……beauty & Neil chachu jab hridoy ki fake muder Mai Shaan ko phasaya tab beauty & Neil Bura Insan thi par UN dono Ko nivi ne esab karne ki bad me Shaan ki memory Jane k bad show Mai reveal Kia Gaya .beta ki fake murder nivi mom ki plan hai Shaan & Asmita ko separate karne keliye.hridoy& Nandini ki phirse planing hai Shaan Asmita ki separate kar ne k liye.hridoy itna mahan hai to Shaan ke liye lawyer ki nahi Liya,relax ho kar court Mai Maja le Raha tha.sure Nandini ke plan Mai Nandini se by Jada chalak hridoy uski saath hai.ab dono ne socha Shaan ko phasake Asmita ko blackmail karke Nandini Shaan & hridoy ko Asmita forefully mil jaygi.jab ridoy reenter hua tab tak Shaan Asmita shadi ho chuki hridoy ki eyes ki expression dekhnek layak tha

  4. Have the writer’s forgotten that Ridoy and Asmita were never married? This court drama is dragging SO much just end it already pls. Cannot see these talented leads crying anymore.

  5. Yeh teri galiyan show bilkul bekar hai… sabse pehle writers bahot ghatiya script likhte hai…ab iss prem kahani ko prem kaise banaya? Jab jail ghar hai shaan ki liye. Aur nivi ko chodiya…kaise? Asmita ek police officer hoon, kaam ko bahot ahmiyat dete hain toh phir iss criminal ko nahi pakada tha? Koi logic nahi tha…

  6. It seems that only bad people win in this serial like others also. But one thing is that even Nandini helped Shaan to get out he must know how bad this lady does to them. I dont’t know why Director is misleading this beautiful show. Asmita is so sincere with Shaan and I think she must have told him about Mouni. Anyway I hope these lovely moments had made our appreciation for the serial which will become bored if Asmita accepted Nandini Conditons,

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