Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Adhiraj get trapped in Mayavi Jungle

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maha Maya asking the mirror to tell who is the purest man who can get Pinjar. She sees Adhiraj taking out the pinjar and says that I was searching for the purest soul, and he was infront of me. She says he will kill Zoaar and get Pinjar. She laughs. Zoaar asks her not to laugh and asks her to send his food. Maha Maya’s smile vanishes. Mohini finds Adhiraj in the jungle and asks if he found any flying object or man here. He thinks if she saw me and says no. He says he saw Naagin’s tail and asks if she saw? She says yes and says snake bit me and I came here to get the jadu buti. He checks her wound. She says you are also wounded. Adhiraj recalls her words and says you wanted me to die. Mohini is about to go. Adhiraj pulls her closer and says this is Mayavi jungle and you will be fine if you stay with me. Song plays…Jaichand and Rani ask Chunnu to tell the name of the food items. Jaichand says this boy is not from this world. Chunnu thinks they are trapping me and thinks what to do. Rani checks him and says he is like us. Chunnu says he is also like them. Jaichand says he will bring milk. Chunnu says he drinks milk. Jaichand gives him milk and asks Rani to see and says if he is snake baby then the milk will turn blue with poison. The milk turns blue. Jaichand says he is snake. Chunnu thinks the humans are strange to get happy seeing me.

Adhiraj and Mohini lost the way in the magical jungle. Mohini says it is your illusion and thinks if he is right. They hear a kid crying. Mohini asks Adhiraj to come and check with her. They find someone crying. Adhiraj asks why are you crying? Mohini asks if he/she is scared. The Demon boy says you are welcome in this Mayavi jungle of Maha Maya and says I am scared and afraid for her. He laughs and vanishes. Mohini holds his hand being scared. Adhiraj tells Mohini that danav, ghost etc are Maha Maya’s captive persons. Mohini says Sambru will be here also. Adhiraj says yes and tells that anyone can enter here from behind the doors of the haveli and there is a different world. He says whoever gets saved from here, gets a vardaan and gets black powers. Mohini asks why did we get trapped here. Adhiraj says because of a fool and asks why did she come here?

Mohini sees Maha Maya stabbing her. Adhiraj also sees the same thing and shouts no. Mohini says this is Mayavi smoke and tells that it is showing our biggest fear. Adhiraj recalls seeing Maha Maya killing Mohini and is shocked. Mohini asks did you see that Maha Maya making her angrak and fired you off the job. Adhiraj smiles and holds her hand. Mohini recalls Bhujang’s words and brushes off his hand. Adhiraj says you are strange and says why you pulls me towards you with your round eyes. He asks what is our relation? She says she just knows how to come out from here. Adhiraj asks her to walk behind him hearing the tiger roaring sound. Mohini says why behind you and says you don’t know the way and boosting about your bravery. She asks the Danav to show the way to come out of the jungle. Adhiraj is shocked.

Precap: Shalaka executes her plan to trap Bhujang. Rani gets scared seeing Maha Maya angry and says if she see Chunnu. Maha Maya sees Chunnu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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