Vish 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia loses her memory

Vish 5th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditya is driving to Vetaraj’s palace and recalls how Rudra told him to use box on him.

Function starts at palace. Sabrina greets Vetaraj. Alia comes there dressed as bride. She smiles and sits with Vetaraj. Sabrina is confused and thinks how she changed? Sabrina’s people come there too. Aditya enters palace. Suddenly fire starts in palace. Aditya covers his face and sees Alia smiling. He shows his face to her, she doesnt recognize him. Aditya tries to go near her and whispers Alia.. she says who are you? Aditya says I am here to take you. Alia shouts Vetaraj a stranger tried to touch me. Vetaraj grabs him. Sabrina thinks I cant let him kill Aditya. She says Vetaraj leave him, he is my friend and just wanted to greet your wife. She nods at Aditya. Aditya says I am sorry. Vetaraj says okay, enjoy our party. Vetaraj takes Alia from there. Aditya thinks what is going on?

Aditya comes to his room and says what happened to Alia? Sabrina comes there so he thinks to find some information from her. Sabrina says I saved you today. Aditya says I wanted to save Alia but I love you. He shows how he took off his sacred bracelet for her. Sabrina says you love me? She hugs him and thinks I dont trust him truly.

Sabrina is in court and tells Alia to prove her loyalty to Vetaraj by walking on coals while blind. Aditya looks on. Alia starts walking on thorns and cries in pain. Sabrina thinks this is a way to find if Aditya cares for her still. Aditya says this is enjoyable. Aditya is hurt but thinks what has happened to Alia? Vetaraj says I ate her memories so she is completely mine now. Aditya thinks that now I understand why she didnt recognize me. Sabrina sees Aditya not reacting and thinks that he hates her so he will be mine now. Aditya sadly looks at Alia walking on coals, awarapan plays. Alia takes off her blindfold and looks at Aditya. He recalls their moments together. Vetaraj claps for Alia as she gets down from coals, he says tonight we will become one. Aditya looks on. He takes her from there. Aditya thinks that I have to bring her memories back.

Rudra comes to her Guru and gets a dagger from there.

Aditya thinks that I have to find that river before time is gone.

PRECAP- Aditya tells Rudra that Alia has lost her memory. Rudra says Alia needs to last tap so she has to get her memory back. A Guru comes there and says I can help you to take revenge from Sabrina, if Vetaraj is killed then Sabrina cant do anything. That river liquid which can kill him is behind a golden door and Vetaraj keeps its key in his room. Aditya goes to his room to get that key.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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