Dilli Darlings 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone has mixed views of Seema’s function

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Manoj and Rashmi are very moved by what Askha had planned for them both, Manoj explains that he got married to Rashmi when she was just 2 years old and he has tried all that is possible to make her happy, Rashmi is very moved saying that she made a very wrong decision of marrying her first husband and it was really bad for her, even when she married Manoj still them they all used to taunt her but saying that they look like father and daughter still she was persistent and worked her way out of it.
They all leave behind the emotional stress and go to have ice-cream.
Guneet meets with her friends in order to relax her mind, they sit when Bhavna asks that they should congratulate Guneet as she has become a part of some new kitty which is Dilli Darlings, Guneet is left stunned saying that she will have to introduce her as she fits the entire criteria.
Bhavna explaining her past says that she is self-made women, she says that she is has a small family as she got married when she was just 19 years so she believes that she grew with her children, Bhavna asks Guneet how the kitty is, she says that it is a really bad experience for her because they all are always fighting and are very loud, she doesn’t believe what she is hearing, Guneet plans to take her with her in the upcoming party.
Manya calls Pooja to explain the theme of her kitty, she explains that it is a poolside party, Deepshika is also very amazed to hear what the theme is, she plans that it will be something important for them all.
Seems function approaches and everyone from the dilli darlings group enters, Guneet reaches with Bhavna, she introduces her to Manya who is not hesitant to invite her to her kitty, they all start to talk when Deepshika and Pooja enter, she calls her to meet Bhavna, Deepshika is impressed by her fitness saying that she wants to know how she maintains herself, Bhavna is told that she will face competition, however she is not of the same point feeling that Deepshika might be her closest in the kitty because she is also fitness orientated.
The darlings arrive to the function, they all are waiting, when they notice the poor arrangements that were done, as there was some issue with the air conditioner, also both Seema and her husband proved to be bad hosts as they were least concerned about their guests. Sona gets irritated asking her to come up, they have arranged the even even below their expectations. Seema feels that they were called to watch the fashion show however they are just worried about their appetite.
The show begins and everyone is amazed by the display of white, Manya feels that she has done a tremendous job in showing the diversity of white, Manya along with Sona have the time of their lives rating the models after considering all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration, they are however not impressed by the second collection mentioning that the highest points which the awarded were just 2.5 which proves how bad they were dressed.
The show features Rosie Aliwaliya after which Seema runs the walk, Manya feels that it was because she was the organizer and it was the just to make her famous, finally the show ends all the Dilli Darlings leave the show, Bhavna is not the interested to come to any other show, Guneet also feels excited that she will not come any more.

Precap: Manya’s is preparing for her party, the kitty begins where Manya asks Pooja why she compared them to animals, everyone is stunned to hear this, Pooja tries to reason by saying that it was just for fun however Pari gets angry with her after which Pooja leaves. She goes back and starts to cry explaining that she is very emotional, blaming that they do not care for what others feel.

Update Credit to: Sona

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