Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra asks Nilambari to help her get Madhav

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi gaining consciousness. Madhav rushes to her and asks if she is fine. He says I can’t live without you, don’t go far from me, I love you and trust you. I am always with you and will not let any trouble come on you. He asks her not to go. Chitra looks on upset. Madhav asks Vaidehi to be with him all life. Chitra says I thought Vaidehi will take last breath today, but she was saved. Jaichand says it is all done by God. Sangram asks what we will do now and says you have heard what Madhav said. He says if he comes to know about us then he will kick us. Nilambari says Madhav shall not know how Chitra died and how we made her good soul turn into evil. Madhav is sitting at Vaidehi’s side while the song piya re plays…He covers her with blanket and takes care of her worriedly. He says you don’t need to know, your Madhav is with you for forever. Chitra appears there. Madhav switches off AC and thinks Vaidehi’s face is place due to weakness and finds her palm cold. He rubs her hand.

Nilambari thinks what to do, Chitra is troubling her. Chitra makes Nilambari falls down and pushes the stoll near her hurting her. She then makes the vase falls on Nilambari. Nilambari saves herself. Chitra makes the things move by itself. Nilambari shouts. She sees Chitra in the mirror and gets shocked. She tries to run out, but Chitra gets the door closed and throws the things on Nilambari. Nilambari sees chandelier about to fall on her and shouts, but the chandelier is stopped before it could hurt Nilambari. Nilambari moves to safety and gets up. Chitra appears infront of her and says you shall be scared and help me, says this is the last chance for you. Nilambari thinks if I don’t help her then she will kill me. Madhav rubs Vaidehi’s hand and asks if she is fine. Vaidehi says I will not go leaving you and will be with you all life. She recalls Chitra attacking her and trying to kill her.

Madhav asks what happened? He says if you don’t tell me then will tell whom? He says you are doing strange things which is not normal and there is some reason behind it. He asks her to tell and says they are husband and wife and she shall not hide anything from him. He says if you don’t tell me then how I will help you. She recalls Chitra’s words and says Chitra didi. Madhav says Chitra didi, what? Nilambari comes there and asks him to look at Vaidehi’s condition and not to ask her anything. She asks him to bring water and cloth. Madhav goes. Nilambari asks Vaidehi if she is fine. Vaidehi says yes. She tells her that Chitra didi wanted to kill her. Nilambari asks did you tell this to Madhav. Vaidehi nods no. Nilambari says I will protect you and will stand infront of you like a shield. She asks her not to tell Madhav and says she don’t him to get stressed and go back in past. She asks her to give promise and asks if she don’t want Madhav to be happy.Vaidehi says I want him to be happy. Nilambari asks her to promise. Vaidehi says nothing is important than Madhav and says she will not tell him about Chitra. Nilambari talks sweety and hopes she doesn’t tell anything to Madhav.

Madhav thinks why did Vaidehi take Chitra’s name and thinks if she is insecure about her. He says I love you immensely, you are hurt and I am pain. He says I will be with you till my last breath and will do my husband duties. Chitra gets angry and says you have trapped my madhav in your love trap, I will make you go from Madhav and my way. She is about to attack her, but she is pulled out in the balcony. She hears someone telling him that why she became evil and tells that Madhav is Vaidehi’s husband now. Chitra says he is just mine. He says you will not get Madhav and whenever you try to harm Vaidehi, your powers will get less and your end is near, you will not get mukti. Chitra says Madhav is mine.

No precap.

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