What’s your take on KZK’s marriage track?

Star Plus’ Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 is following the same old path of Kasautii Season 1 and bringing the epic twist of marriage between Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Prerna is in love with Anurag and has married him as well. They both want to solemnize their marriage once again in the presence of their families. However, Prerna decides to sacrifice her love in order to save Anurag from huge troubles. She doesn’t want Anurag and Basu family to suffer because of Komolika or Mr. Bajaj. She keeps her promise to protect her love for Anurag by taking a big decision of marrying his biggest business rival Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Bajaj compels Prerna to marry him. Prerna breaks Anurag’s faith in the last moment when he awaits her in the marriage altar. Anurag didn’t imagine that Prerna would be joining Mr. Bajaj, the rich and influential businessman. He takes it as Prerna’s deceive since Mohini warned him before that Prerna is greedy for money. Anurag’s perception towards Prerna changes with her marriage happening with Mr. Bajaj. Prerna keeps her support and sacrifices a secret. Mr. Bajaj falls in love with Prerna’s loyalty towards her love. What’s your take on KZK’s marriage track? Let us know your opinion.

  1. It’s a crap story,same old story from kasuti 1, there’s nothing special, we don’t want same story from the old one.so please stop this bullshit story

  2. what’s the difference between old n new then if same story.we r not interested to watch same story.

  3. Please dont let this marriage happen
    It wont be worth watching anymore
    Its shown she is in love with anu she is married to him she is expecting his child and with all this now she is to marry mr.bajaj nonsense keep cut all this crap take the story to a new different track rather than this silly old track would want atleast this time anurag and prerna tobe together

    1. Stop the same crap of kzk1 wherein anurag will marry totally 6 times & prerna 4 times….omg what is this no value 4 love & marriages..
      Utter nonsense so stop….amyway majority with logic will stop watching & when rating comes down then only makers will realize how they ruined their story

  4. Shesha485

    Nonsense series. Don’t ruin our Erica Fernandes. Just shut this off.

  5. all i want to say is crap story totally crap
    My take on current plot is : it’s so easy to become Producer of kzk as they have to only copy plots from old kzk and rewrite them by adding some twists.
    All we want is realistic tale of love not like this someone is forced to do marriage,revenage ,property property game that’s all were happened in old kzk and it’s happening in current kzk and it will continue
    We are not fool to watch such a kind of rubbish show
    At least show something realistic how wealthy business man

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