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Hello friends, this is AditiB. It’s been a long time since I’ve written something over here, or anywhere for that matter, but this seems like a venture worth giving my time. Well I’m here to present my views on the series “Ek bhram sarvagun sampanna.” Well this series is one of my seldom watch list and believe me, the pace was amazing, the story by far is amazing and the premise is going very well, with the main character Pooja a.k.a Janhvi being a character that can make you feel empathetic and pained and at the same time can make you guilty for falling for her vicious tears. This drama is beautiful with the lead character being so shady and sad at the same time that you feel that your emotion pallet is falling short of any options as you can relate once and then repent doing that the next time. While she was Janhvi, Pooja made us feel she was a wronged, victimized, orphan who had lost everything to only wander around with an infant sister. But as soon as P.K is eliminated and the Mittals go from hero to zero, her viciousness surfaces and her evil actions are no more justified. One can easily say all her struggles for the years she was condemned cannot be avenged this quick, but I wonder that she’s serving greater injustice by bringing the innocent like Dhruv and especially Kabir to the books. It’s already a fine deal that she has the house and the business, but the recent premise of her being blatantly evil just kills the complexity of the character for me. This thing just provide impetus to a vicious cycle of revenge and counter revenge, though I know Kabir is smart enough to not let that happen. I don’t know how much this show is garnering attention in the form of TRPs, but it should, in my opinion be appreciated by the audience for providing a drama that is so different and actually has a storyline to follow. What P.K did to Dr. Ashok Sharma, is done to many in real world, and there aren’t many Poojas that thrive to take revenge, with these white collar crimes done by Industrialists that are becoming a hit in India. I can easily bring about a detailed character list but I won’t ‘cause I’m lazy, go watch the show for that. As for TRPs and acting, I don’t know much of the former as Hotstar is bae and the latter is just amazing. Shrenu is amazing, and I clearly mean it, she owns the role, being the best and the worst person in the family at the same time. Zain is good as usual, but I must say, his character is shown to be too good to be true and this top level self sacrifice is weird. Kavya is a good character, mostly misunderstood and also quite a good kick to Pooja’s super evil intentions. P.K. is a full on evil character, with no remorse till his death day. For me, the worst characters are of the psychopath mother of Kabir and Chanda, both not being used to the fullest. While Kabir’s mother just does not convince me to feel for her, Chanda as a whole does not contribute to the drama.

I must say, if you need a break from the super cliche remakes and the dragging and nagging romantic dramas, give this a shot, with this giving me the Rishton ka Chakravyuh vibes, and that it has amazing acting and a good storyline, which the dramas nowadays falling short on either. I thought of writing for this drama, only to make the attention it deserves a bit more viable. I’d like to know if this review helps. Thank you all and I hope everyone reading this has a good day.



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  1. Shesha485

    The show is a bit interesting. But should improve more. Shrenu is looking perfect.

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