Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari tricks Vaidehi with her lies, Chitra assaults her

Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari eying Vaidehi and says today even God can’t save you from Chitra, pray how much you want to. She comes to the temple and folds her hands. She applies Tilak to Vaidehi and blesses her to be happy always. She asks her to tie raksha thread to tie on Madhav’s hand. She ties the thread on her hand and looks at the ring. She thinks so this is her raksha kawach. Vaidehi regrets to doubt her. Nilambari asks her about the ring. Vaidehi says it is given by Pandit ji to protect me from Chitra. Nilambari asks her to give the ring to her and says she will keep it under kuldevta’s feet and will return the ring. Vaidehi looks on. Nilambari says I want my children wellness and says it is ok if you don’t trust me. Vaidehi says she trusts her fully. Nilambari thinks Vaidehi came in her acting talks and thinks she will attack the trio. Vaidehi says I will also come to the kuldevta’s temple to take the God’s blessings.

Nilambari thinks she has to trap her in her words trap. She says you trust me or not, but I trust you and tells that she will tell a secret which she didn’t tell anyone. She tells that ever since Chitra died, I felt her presence and she thinks herself as Madhav’s wife. She says Chitra will never let you unite and tells that she won’t let anything happen to them and will take care of them. She says I don’t want to come to Kuldevta’s temple as Chitra’s eye are on you. She gives her trinket and asks her never to keep it far from her. Vaidehi thanks her and says I am happy that your blessings are with me. Nilambari asks her never to take off the ring and trinket away from her. She smirks while going. Later she calls Rani and Sangram. Nilambari says Jaichand don’t keep anything in his stomach. Rani says he is in the room. Nilambari says that trinket is having tantrik’s mantras effect and will become Vaidehi’s neck rope. It will nullifies the surya kawach powers. She says we have to help Chitra and then we will blossom. Rani and Sangram nods their head.

Vaidehi wears the trinket, just then Chitra comes there and assaults her badly. Vaidehi is shocked and falls down. Madhav comes home and brings flowers for vaidehi. Chitra tells her that she can’t fight with her. Vaidehi says this surya kawach and the keys trinket will protect me from you. Chitra says lets see and takes out the ring from her finger with her powers. She hits Vaidehi on the wall and tries to strangulates her. She says Madhav’s nights are mine and from today his days will be mine too. She says I will end you for forever, you can’t be saved from my wrath. She slaps Vaidehi. Vaidehi comes out of room. Chitra continues to attack her and pushes her while she is walking away. Vaidehi falls down. Madhav comes there and asks what happened to her. Vaidehi says she is there and thinks to stop Chitra from entering me. She ties the chains to her body in the temple and cries. Madhav is shocked and asks what are you doing. Chitra asks until when you will keep me away from you. Madhav asks why you are doing this and why? Vaidehi asks him to go and says until her mannat is fulfilled, she will be in the temple.

Madhav asks her to stop it. Vaidehi asks him to let her do what she is doing and asks him to go. Chitra says you can’t defeat me and knows about my powers, what I can do with it. Vaidehi cries badly and sits down. Madhav asks her to stop it. Vaidehi says I am doing this for everyone’s betterment and asks him to go. Madhav goes angrily. Anuradha asks her not to hurt herself. Vaidehi says if I am asking you to go then go from here. Everyone leaves. Anuradha also goes. Chitra looks at Vaidehi angrily. Madhav says why Vaidehi is testing my patience again and again and make me angry often. Nilambari comes to him and asks him to handle himself. She asks him to convince her and bring her to room. Madhav says she is very stubborn since childhood. Nilambari thinks Chitra must be very angry and I shall help her. She asks Madhav to sit with calm mind, how to bring her. Madhav says it is her problem to keep her pain within herself, every fight she wants to fight on her own and don’t want to share her problems. Nobody knows what is happening with her. Chitra makes the carpet moves from under Nilambari’s feet. Nilambari realizes and thinks she has to do something.

Precap: Chitra attacks Vaidehi and says I will kill you infront of your God. She assaults her and makes her unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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