Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 3

Sorry guys for the late.  Here is the third episode.

Deep is following Aarohi (Aalisha) . He is dazed. He said to himself

– Aarohi!  But how could it be?

Aarohi stops. A little girl comes running to her. Aarohi sits down and hugs her. The girl hugged her and said- Mamma

A young boy comes running and stops behind the girl. Deep recognize, it’s chavani.

– Ruhi,  I told you not to run.

– Mamma,  ask Akash not scold me. Otherwise I will scold him back.

– Oh really! Aarohi di, did you hear? She is again calling me by my name.

Aarohi- Akash, have you also became a child with Ruhi?  And Ruhi how many times I told you not call the elders with name?

Akash- Now what?

Ruhi make face at Akash

Akash- Aarohi di, I can’t handle her anymore. She doesn’t respect me.

Aarohi- I think she learned it from you. I do remember that earlier you used call people who were elder than you by there names.

Ruhi starts laughing. Even Aarohi start laughing. They do high five. Deep is seeing everything from a little far.

Akash- It’s impossible to talk to you two

Ruhi- Than don’t talk.

Akash makes face at Ruhi, she replied same way,  than start talking to Aarohi

– Mumma where did you go. I have been waiting for you a long time.

Aarohi- Naughty girl. I was only gone for ten minutes.

Ruhi- What did you bring for me? Let me see.

Aarohi- Not now.

She picks Ruhi up and says- Let’s go home first.

Ruhi agreed. They start walking. Ruhi place her head at Aarohi’s shoulder and suddenly, she notices Deep.

Ruhi- Mamma mamma

Aarohi- What happened beta?

Ruhi points at Deep and says


Aarohi turned and sees him. Akash also sees. Deep comes close to them. He looks at Aarohi,  than he looks at Ruhi. Aarohi starts smiling. Deep’s face expression is a little shocked. Akash’s face expression is surprised and a little scared.

Aarohi smiles and says- See even Papa is here. Now don’t get into any mischief.

She gives ruhi to Deep

– It’s getting impossible day by day to handle her Deep. She has become just like you. Never listens to me.  Always disturbs people.  (looking at Ruhi) Now,  you will have to listen to your Papa, ok?

Ruhi- Ok.

Then she winks at Deep and smiles mischievously.

They start walking. Deep also walks with them holding Ruhi.

Ruhi- Papa,  do you know,  in that house, a boy stays named Rahul. He planned to make me scared by ghost stories. I went to his house at night and with ghost mask and scared him.  There lives khusi, she was practicing dance and I changed the….

Aarohi- Enough of your talk.  You kept talking all day or do mischief.  Your dad has came a lot way,  he is tired. He will listen to your stories later. Now we are home. Go call your masi.

Ruhi jumped from Deeps hand and goes running inside the house.  Akash goes behind her.

Aarohi- Slowly, you will get hurt. Akash, handle her. You know Deep, she never stays at one place quietly. Always loves to make people fool. You don’t have any idea how much complain comes from the neighborhood. She is only four and now this, I don’t know what will happen when she will grown up.

Deep tries to tell her something but gets interrupted by Ruhi.  She has brought Kia with her and says – Look masi, Papa has come.

Kia is a little surprised but says- Deep sir,  you?  Why are you outside. Come in. Aarohi di did bring everything?

Aarohi- Oh yes,  let’s go inside. Time is running. We are late for lunch today.

Everybody go inside.

Raichand mansion

Tara is panicking

– Why is Deep not picking my phone. I hope he is alright.

Virat- Tara,  don’t worry. I used work there earlier. I have a informer their. I have asked him to find Deep asap.

Tara- But he isn’t talking anybody’s phone.

Virat- That’s what is making me worry. We shouldn’t underestimate Deep. He is very dangerous. I think he is planning something against us. Aanjali, what do you think.

Aanjali is thinking about Deep’s words about Tara, the jacket and bracelet, and the CCTV footage she saw a few times ago at Aarohi’s laptop. She thinks – Is Tara really…


– What?

– What are you thinking? I am asking what do you think Deep is planning against us?

– I don’t think Deep is in a state of mind to hatch a plan against us, at least when he have nothing.

Tara- You don’t know Deep. It’s not easy to defeat him. That’s why I love him so much.

Virat- I say we will wait today,  and if we don’t get any information,  we will go to Shimla tomorrow.

Tara- We should go right now.

Virat- Slow down Tara.  Maybe that’s what he wants. That’s his plan.  Let my informer find him first, then we will take the decision.

Aanjali looks suspiciously at Tara.  Tara is looking disturbed.


The lunch is done.  Deep is watching photos on wall with Ruhi. Kia and Akash is in a corner and talking with each thrust and watching Deep.

Ruhi- This is my last birthday. And here it is Akash birthday. I changed the birthday cake with balloon. Akash had no idea. He tried to cut the cake and the balloon burst. It was so fun. And this is you and mamma.  And this is nanu.

Deep looks at Kia.

Kia- Dad died two years ago. Heart problem.

Aarohi comes there.

Aarohi- What are you doing here. I have to do chores. Get out of the room. Go to the garden and play. Akash you go with them.  I will call you if anything is needed. Kia, help me a little.

Ruhi takes Deep to the backdoor. Akash follows them. There is a open place behind the house surrounded by trees.  There is a bench, a tri-cycle,  and some flowers. Ruhi starts cycling. Deep sits in the bench. Akash is standing near and watching at Ruhi.  Ruhi gives them hi while cycling.

Deep- Chavani

Akash- Deep bhai, my name is Akash.

Deep- Only Chavani calls me Deep bhai.

Akash- I am not trying to hide my identity. I am only telling my name.

Deep- Hey,  you are talking in normal Hindi!

Akash- Aarohi di taught me.  She isn’t Tara. That’s why I learnt fast.

Deep- Are you still angry about those times? I am sorry, I really am.  I never intended to hurt you. That night if I hadn’t done that,  than Tara would have killed you. I kept that net, so that nothing happens to you. I told Surekha to take you to a safe place. I am still sorry for everything.

Akash sighs and sits beside Deep. He looks at front

Akash- Why did you came back Deep bhai?

Deep- I had no idea you guys were here.  I came here for work and I suddenly noticed Aarohi.  I was surprised. I didn’t meant to came,  at least after all I have done.  But Aarohi,  why is she behaving this way.

Akash- A lot has happened. Five years ago when you deceived Aarohi di and went with Tara, she went to street to find you

Fb shows Deep leaves in his car with Tara.  Aarohi is trying to find them.  She csme to a big road and suddenly a car comes and hit her. Aarohi loose conscious. A woman came out of the car.  It’s Aanjali. Hospital is shown.  Doctor came to Aanjali and says She had a head injury,  but she will be okay. She needs to take more care. Aanjali asked why. The doctor imforms that Aarohi is pregnant and leaves.  Aanjali says to herself once you took my baby from me Deep.  I know how hard it feels. I won’t let Aarohi go through the same pain. But I will avenge my baby’s death. You will never get to know about your own child.  I will kill you slowly. And before you die,  I will give you this news and you will regret that you couldn’t get to see your child once. Fb ends.

Deep- What? Aanjali?

Akash- Yes. She changed Aarohi di’s face like previous. Cause she wanted to take revenge from you as Aarohi. And wanted to take no risk. She gave this safe house to Kia di and uncle by freeing them from police. Even Virat has no idea about this.

Deep- But how do you know all this.

Akash- I don’t know why but she kidnapped me from where Surekha kept me.  She thought I was unconscious that’s why she was talking on the phone. I understand that she is married to Virat and have 2 children. They are planning some revenge against you.  But she lied about where she is.  She didn’t let Virat know that she kidnapped me.  The latter part I got to know from Kia di.  I guessed some.  While she kept me here,  she changed my name and asked me to learn normal Hindi first.  I don’t know why she did that.

Deep- But Aarohi?

Akash- She is behaving weird since she recovered.  Always talks about you.  Feels like she has forgotten your betrayal.  We don’t ask her anything.  She told Ruhi about you,  except from your missed.

Deep is trying to ask something else but Akash stands up and says,  Ruhi that’s enough playing. Let’s go inside. The sun will set down in a hour.

Ruhi- I want to play more.

Akash goes to Ruhi. Deep calls to someone and says something. Aarohi comes there.

Next ep- Virat’s hitman ask if Tara is also with Deep in Shimla? Akash comes and sees the whole house in fire at night. He screamed NO

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