Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu uses britishers’ policy on Amma and Rajjo

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The Episode starts with Rajjo coming home. Amma asks if she went to temple or went to heaven directly and met God. Rajjo says your promise, I went to temple. Amma says I am your enemy, take my promise. Happu thinks Rajjo will bursts now. Rajjo gets happy and says I was waiting for your taunt. She says Beni said that you don’t love me that you are not taunting me. Amma says I love you. Rajjo says why did you taunt me? Amma says Happu provoked me to taunt you. Rajjo and Amma kiss each other. Happu closes his eyes. He comes to Beni and scolds him. Beni asks what did you do? Happu says why did you tell her about the taunts. Beni asks what happened? Happu says I asked Amma to taunt Rajjo. Rajjo got happy hearing Amma taunting her and hugs her.

Kat gets Raj’s name tattooed on his neck. Kamlesh asks why did you keep Raj’s name tattooed. Malaika says it is her neck and her heart, why are you jealous? Kamlesh says then who will be jealous. Malaika asks what is your relation with her. Kamlesh says I am her friend. Kat calls him Raj and then says Kamlesh. She says I did this to increase Raj’s confidence as his girl friend left him. Kamlesh says now he will hear sad songs. Malaika asks him to handle his friend else I will handle you. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays on his mobile. Malaika says right ring tone. Kamlesh is upset.

Beni and Happu are seated together and having pan. Happu asks him to think of conspiracy to separate Rajjo and Happu. Beni says britishers left, but left conspiracy here. He says whatever I say is the precious pearl. Happu says britishers’ policy is divide and rule. He says we shall divide Amma and Rajju and then will rule on them. Beni says from where to get britishers.

Happu looks at him. He comes to Rajjo and asks if she is making food. Rajjo says she is drying clothes on the stove. Happu laughs and holds her waist. Rajjo asks him to move and says you are 9 children’s father. Happu says you are even teeki even now and says Amma was right. Rajjo asks him to tell. Happu says now friendship is going on, it will end. Rajjo says nothing will happen. Happu says Amma said that she will give you shringaar stuff. Rajjo says Amma cares for me a lot. Happu says Amma said that bahu takes care of kids, she is 36 but looks 40 so she will give her beauty stuff to you. Rajjo knows that Amma might be joking and she knows that I am 35 years old. She asks how did you call me 36. Happu says you are 34 for me. Rajjo comes to Amma and gives tea to her. Amma asks her to sit and shows saree to her, saying it was given by her mum in law and she wants to give to her. Rajjo says it is light for me, it will not suit me. Amma says ok, I will not give. Rajjo asks her to drink tea. Amma says you must have put less sugar. Rajjo says I didn’t add sugar and tells that sugar must not be eaten at this age. Amma says what do you mean and says I am just 65. Rajjo says you have turned 70. Happu gets happy seeing them arguing. Rajjo and Amma argue continues. Amma says I did a mistake by befriending you.

Rajjo says even I don’t want to befriend you. Amma says the problem is that I have to see your face daily. Rajjo says I will leave this house. Amma asks him to stay with her Lalla and kids. Rajjo says where you will go in this old age and asks her to stay with Happu and kids. Happu goes to Amma and gets slapped by her. He then goes to Rajjo and gets slapped by her. he says they are butchers. Rajjo and Amma bring their stuff. Amma says she is going to her atbeer bhaiyya’s house. Happu asks her to stop. Rajjo says she is going to her mother’s house. Hritik says even I want to come. Rajjo says no. Happu asks why are they fighting? Amma slaps him. Happu says I was fed up of your friendship and that’s why did this. Amma says I am just 65 years old. Hritik and Chamchi take their stuff inside. Rajjo asks shall I make tea for you with sugar. Amma asks her to add less sugar and takes her inside.

Raj comes to meet Kat through the window and asks how are you you? he says just as you send selfie, I couldn’t stop me from coming here. He says handwriting is good. Kat asks do you want to say something. Raj gives her flower and asks her to be careful. He says I want to tell you something. Kamlesh hears them. Raj says I love you and is seeing love in your eyes for me. He asks her to become his girlfriend. Kat says Raj…and asks him to come near her. She slaps him and says how dare you? She says I don’t love you. Raj says what do you mean? Kat says if you say this again then I will not leave you and says I was sympathetic towards you as kamlesh said. Kamlesh gets happy and asks Raj to leave. Kat asks him not to help anyone. Malaika comes and tells that the good guy left. She asks about her tattoo. Kat says it is done with sketch pen. Kamlesh says kat..and they laugh.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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