Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant sacrifices his life to save Piku and Mohini

Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fouzia bringing Piku to Malmal and tells her that Mangu burnt her feathers. Malmal hugs Piku forcibly and says let me meet my daughter first. Vikrant asks Malmal not to punish their daughter and asks Piku to run, says Malmal wants to kill her. Piku says you are very bad. Malmal says yes and ties her to the pole. She tells Vikrant that she will kill his betrayal daughter and then Mohini. Mohini comes there and says I came here myself and will not let anything happen to you. Vikrant reminisces the time spent with Mohini and torturing her. He apologizes to her for her every mistake and says just save my daughter. Malmal says when you couldn’t harm me then what they can do. Mohini tells Adhiraj that Bhujang and I will handle Fouzia and Malmal and asks him to free Vikrant. Mohini asks Bhujang to take his naag avatar and take Fouzia away from there. Fouzia follows him.

Mohini asks Malmal to fight with her. Bhujang comes in his avatar and fights with Fouzia. He spits poison on her. Fouzia follows him. Malmal and Mohini fight with each other holding swords in their hands. Adhiraj comes to Vikrant and cuts his rope with his iron nails. Vikrant thanks him. Adhiraj goes to Piku and frees her too. Piku comes to Vikrant and hugs him. Naina song plays……..Vikrant says I always wanted to get what was not with me and apologizes to her. Piku says everything will be fine and says you are best Papa. Vikrant thinks everything will be fine, but I have to give sacrifice. Vikrant says I was not best, but the time came when I have to become best. He asks her to remember that Adhiraj and Mohini are her family and Mohini is her mother from now onwards. He asks her to stand with Adhiraj.

Mohini and Bhujang come back to Vikrant and Adhiraj. Mohini tells Bhujang that they can’t fight with Malmal and Fouzia without their powers. Vikrant tells Bhujang that he can’t do anything to Malmal as they are tied with the magical promise, but will handle Fouzia. Mohini says can you defeat her. Vikrant says I can send her from where she came, Kal brahmand. Malmal says it is very difficult for her to go there and says even great Vikrant can’t do this. Vikrant says even Dead Elephant is worth 1.25 lakhs. He says Fouzia can’t be sent back, but I can take her with me. Malmal says this can’t happen, no. Vikrant asks her to just wait and watch. He opens a secret door of Kaal brahmand and asks Mohini to take care of Piku. He then asks Fouzia to come and jumps inside with her. Piku shouts Papa and asks Mohini to save her Papa. Bhujang asks Malmal to get ready and says time has come for you to die.

Malmal says she fights where she wins and says now she is going, but will come again. Mohini says next will be the last fight with Malmal. Malmal is in jungle and recalls how Vikrant took Fouzia in the kaal brahmand. She thinks Vikrant who used to loved me a lot, sacrificed his own life to save Mohini, and my daughter Piku destroyed my Kaya for Mohini. She thinks what to do and remembers about her box. She gets Magical box and says you have always protected my powers and asks about its powers which can help her win. The magical mirror comes in the box. Malmal smiles.

Precap: Mohini smiles to see feathers on Adhiraj. Malmal sees them through the mirror. The Baba gives a weapon to Bhujang to kill Malmal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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