RadhaKrishn 28th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Offers To Help Krishna

RadhaKrishn 28th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha asks Krishna how did he finish such a tough task. He says he just followed her instructions and after finishing cooking other dishes, he soaked boondi in jaggery syrup for 2 hours. Radha feels guilty for misleading Krishna, walks to Yashoda disguised as Vallabh and requests her to teach her laddoo recipe. Yashoda happily agrees. Balram searches new peacock feather as Krishna suggested and finding a peacock gets its feather. Vallabh passes by holding ladoo thali, and Balram asks where is he going at this time. Vallabh says Krishna asked to deliver ladoos to Radha’s house. Balram informs Krishna asked to give new feather to Radha. Vallabh takes feather and leaves.

Krishna returns to Radha’s house and digusies back as Gopika. Ugrapath asks her her to finish cooking soon as he doesn’t want to make a great sculptor wait. Radha returns and offers Gopika laddoos. Gopika serves food to everyone. Ugrapath praises her secret culinary skills. Pralambasur also praises it while Jatila and Ayan fume in jealousy. After sometime, Radha gives peacock feather to Jatila who gives it to Pralambasur. Pralambasur via feather tries to find out who Krishna is, but fails. He scolds Jatila and Ayan that Krishna didn’t touch this feather at all and they are waste and untrustable.

Gopika calls Radha loudly. Jatila yells that she cannot call her bahu so loudly. Gopika complains if she cannot even speak to her friend. Jatila angrily permits. Gopika takes Radha to garden and plays with her. She then senses something unusual happening in the future and takes Radha from there. A man asks Ugrapath’s address and reaching his house delivers a letter to Jatila. Jatila reads letter and informs Ayan that his prayers are fulfilled, now his most dangerous, wicked and cruel sister Kutila is coming to trouble Radha and Krishna.

Precap: Kutila reaches Radha’s house. Gopika warns Radha against Kutila. Kutila thinks she will find out who Gopika is.

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