Namah 28th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev is Furious

Namah 28th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev promises Devi Parvathi that he will end Mahishasur in such a way that it will be an example forever. Devi Parvathi rejoice hearing that and thinks Mahishasur’s end is nearing. Mahdev walks towards devlok when Narayan meets him, he says he knows Narayan wants to remind him that only a woman can enter Mahishasur, but he promised Devi Parvathi that he will end Mahishasur. Narayan reminds him that how powerful Parvathi is and how they should make her realize her powers. Mahadev says tonight Parvathi will end Mahishasur, but he will fulfill his promise.

Mahishasur makes arrangements to marry Parvathi. Mahadev enters, and Mahishasur greeting him asks why did he come to waste his time as he knows he cannot kill him. Mahadev fights with Mahishasur. Brahmadev tells Narayan that Mahishasur got a boon according to his meditation and even Mahadev cannot defeat him. Mahadev continues fighting with Mahishasur and provokes him to use his most dangerous weapon. Mahishasur uses his powers and turns Mahadev into stone.

Devi Parvathi senses Mahadev in trouble. Indradev informs Brahmadev that Mahishasur turned Mahadev into stone and pleads to protect them from Mahishasur. Parvathi requests her brother Narayan to help her as promised. Narayan says he promised her that divine superpower will end Mahishasur, but he didn’t say its him or Mahadev. Devi Lakshmi requests Narayan to follow his duty as a brother. Naryan gives example of a kasturi/musk deer and says devi Parvathi has to realize her divine powers and her durga avatar and end Mahishasur. Devi Parvathi feels disheartened that her brother also didn’t help her, so she will help herself. Narayan wishes her good luck. She turns into Devi Durga.

Precap: Parvathi/Devi Shakti takes maa Durga’s avatar.
Narayan and other gods gift him their weapons.

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