Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th October 2019 Written Episode Update : Malmal keeps Vikrant captive and plans to kill Piku and Mohini

Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang asking Chunnu if he saw Fouzia was scared when he questioned her. He says he feels that she is Kaal Danav and not Pisaschini. Chunnu says we shall tell Adhiraj. Bhujang tells that Adhiraj is mad about Fouzia’s beauty and Mohini’s heart is broken badly. Mohini comes there and tells that she made lep for Fouzia. Chunnu asks why did you make it? Bhujang asks Chunnu to learn from Mohini that she is a truthful girl and don’t do anything against the person doing bad to her. Adhiraj checks Fouzia and says you have no fever. Fouzia thinks chikpu. Mohini brings lep and says Adhiraj got it made for you. Fouzia thinks Mohini’s face is like Malmal, but she is not like her. She thinks mohini is a fool, if malmal would have been on her place then she would have killed me. She thinks to fool them and tells Mohini that she can’t be treated with this lep and says she heard about medicine which is with Vikrant. Mohini says how can we check his room? Adhiraj says we can’t wait till Vikrant comes. They come to Vikrant room. Mangu stops Adhiraj and Mohini from opening Vikrant’s almari. Mohini asks Mangu to open it else Adhiraj will not leave him.

Mangu thinks Vikrant is more dangerous and asks them to promise him. They do pinky promise. Fouzia takes the box in which there is a medicine and thanks Adhiraj. They go. Mangu says Fouzia is very clever. Malmal brings Vikrant somewhere. He asks where is the haveli? She says it is near. She asks him to drink water. He thinks who is she and thinks to see her in the mirror. She asks him to drink water. Vikrant is about to drink and sees her in the water. He sees malmal and gets shocked. He asks you got in whose Kaya? Vikrant asks I was searching you and you was playing games with me. She says she was waiting for him in kaal brahmand, and says you promised big, but accepted defeat. Vikrant says no. She says you got weak because of Piku and couldn’t kill Mohini. Vikrant says two things were in her mind, that you can’t return and Mohini shall not die. He says you are my strength and Piku is my weakness.

Malmal says she wants powerful Vikrant and asks him to kill Piku and Mohini. She says I will forgive you and then we will be together. Vikrant holds her neck and says how can you think I will kill my daughter. He says Bhujang was right that evil souls will come out from kaal brahmand and says my Malmal can give her life for our daughter. He says I will kill you. Malmal laughs and says your powers are gone and my powers are getting back. She ties him to the pole and tells that Fouzia might be bringing the magical box. Fouzia comes back to Vikrant’s room and gets Malmal’s box by telling mantras which Mangu told. She says Malmal might be happy knowing that I don’t this box. Bhujang comes there and says my doubt was right, and says you was kaal danav. Fouzia says I understood when you tried to follow me by becoming a house fly. She says I will make your wish come true if you want to be housefly and makes him housefly and locks him in the almari, and made it invisible. She flies out.

Adhiraj brings haldi milk for Fouzia and searches her. Mohini comes and asks what happened? Adhiraj says Fouzia is missing. Mohini says she must have went. Chunnu says Bhujang must have known where is she? Mohini says we have to search them both. She wakes up Piku and they search Bhujang and Fouzia. Vikrant asks Malmal how she can think of killing her own daughter and says you have given her birth, she is a little girl. Malmal says she had destroyed my Kaya and will be punished.

Precap: Fouzia provokes Adhiraj against Bhujang. She gives box to Malmal. Malmal gets her powers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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